Letters to the Editor week of 4-21-11



To the Editor:

Boating season is upon us as soon as the river is at a normal stage and the weather calms down.

Having been in contact with boaters and marinas up and down the great Ohio River, I have had lot of comment about the traffic on the river.

Boaters do ride by Vevay and one of the reasons that they do not stop is because there is no docking facility available.

There are at times docking available during the Swiss Wine Festival for a limited time.

It is a difficult situation at that shoreline and maybe there might be a solution in the future, we hope, so that boaters can stop and shop and eat and visit Vevay.

Bill Wiseman

Near Vevay

Best friends

To the Editor:

Ben A. Hathaway, March 16th, 1928 – April 6th, 2011.

I’d like to take a moment to tell you about my best friends, Ben and Joanne Hathaway. My husband, Bob King, was the preacher at the Vevay Christian Church, later named Vevay Church of Christ. We moved here in 1973.

They owned the Alps Drive-in Theater which sat where the industrial park is now. They didn’t make a lot of money there because they were too good hearted. The teenagers used to ride in the trunk or climb over the fence. Ben would put his arm around them and say, “If you didn’t have money to pay to get in, you probably don’t have money to eat.” He would take them to the snack bar and feed them. He had such a loving heart.

He worked for the old radio station, WMGH, along with Wilma Swango. His handle was “Gentle Ben.”

Joanne and Ben worked with Dave’s Dairy Queen at the fair and at the “old” Wine Festival in the street. I was set up next to them at the fair all week when “A Girl Named Sooner” was filmed there and by them at the scary “old” Wine Festival selling balloons and blow-ups.

The Lord surely blessed my family with the best friends ever.

After Ben graduated from the Cincinnati Bible Seminary Bob ordained him in the ministry. Bob and Ben started the Jesus Cares Mission. They helped a lot of people. Bob got a van and we and the teenagers from the church made regular rounds to the nursing homes in Madison and two in Dearborn County. Joanne Hathaway played the piano and we and the older folks sang. Watermelon, cider and donuts and Polaroid photos were some of their treats.

Ben and Joanne became family. He married Bobbi and Kirt and my granddaughter Tiffany and Aaron.

When my daughter, Linda Bennitt, had the lead in the school play, Barbie, in “Parents are Like That”, Ben and Joanne came with a dozen red roses. They visited her in college, a lot of times with $100 bills. They visited her at LS Ayers in Merrillville just before her death. She loved them.

Even though they eventually had to leave Vevay to find work elsewhere, eventually moving back to Cincinnati, they were familiar figures in Vevay. Always attending the Vevay Church of Christ when they were here and they were with us at most holidays. The girls considered them their second set of parents.

Ben had been sick with Parkinson’s Disease for quite some time. Joanne took care of him at home for a lot longer than she was able to. Then they moved to Springfield, Ohio, to the Masonic Home.

Ben went to be with his Lord on April 6th. He leaves his wife, Joanne; three sons, Michael (Connie), Brian and Brent (Ron); one granddaughter Heather; and his brother Bob (Phyllis).

God Bless you Brother Ben. We will miss you.

Joan King


Our government

To the Editor:

The April 7th edition had a wonderful letter from Mary Martin who lives on Markland Pike.

Folks, the politicians are supposed to be working for the people. The working class is being dumped on – big time.

The politicians should want to take a 10 percent pay cut – make it 25 percent. And definitely freeze all government pay increases.

Reread Mary Martin’s letter. Let us hear from more taxpayers who are taxed to death.

I just checked and II Timothy 3:1-5 is still in my Bible.

These are perilous times. The majority of people are lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God.

By their fruits you shall know them. (The Bible also says that).

They have a form of godliness but most are spiritually impotent. Speak up, people, while you still have your freedom of speech.

Strong words? Too strong for the Vevay newspaper?

The saying goes: If we don’t stand up for something we will fall for anything.

Christian soldiers, where are you?

Edna Pearl Spencer

Columbus, Ohio