Letters to the Editor week of 4-2-09


From the Statehouse

To the Editor:

The following letter was sent to Switzerland County Tourism executive director David Attaway by Indiana Lieutenant Governor Becky Skillman:


Dear Mr. Attaway:

I understand that Vevay is in the running for the title of America’s Coolest Small Town, and I personally wanted to congratulate everyone involved. That is exciting!

I am sure that many folks will be staying in Indiana or in the tri-state area for their vacation this year. They can put Vevay on the list, and look forward to a great trip!

Again, congratulations to everyone, and I hope the town breaks into the top five finish!


Becky Skillman

Lieutenant Governor

Autism Awareness

To the Editor:

I have an awesome 10 year old boy. Anytime we go anywhere in town, someone knows him and calls his name. He is happy, extremely affectionate, and full of energy! But he is not a “typical” 10 year old; he has autism.

Today, April 2nd , is “World Autism Awareness Day”. I wanted to let our community know how many great things happen here to help our young people struggling to cope with autism.

I’m sure you have heard or read the statistics on autism lately; it is much more public now than ever. If not then you should look on the Internet at www.worldautismawarenessday.org and learn about it.

A person affected by autism has learning disabilities and problems processing sensory information. Their brains work much differently than ours. It is a huge challenge to teachers to figure out how each person learns the best. We have some of the best teachers here! They really make a huge effort to help our children, and they really care about them. It really helps parents like us to have people like you to help us, and we thank you!

I grew up here and moving back here was the best decision we ever made for our family. The community, the schools, the YMCA, and the 4-H program have really accepted our son the way he is and embraced him. Every day as a parent I wonder: “Will he finish school? Will he be able to be independent, to work, etc?”

There are so many unknowns, but I do know that we are at home here and even if he spends his whole life here that will be okay. We have a wonderful, caring community behind us and him.

Having a child with autism has challenged everything I ever thought I knew, felt, or dreamed, but I would not change one thing about him. I will never stop searching for ways to help him adapt to this world. The friends and family we have help us every day. We are so blessed!

Angela Splain

near Moorefield

Stranger than fiction

To the Editor:

To my delight, I was the recipient of a very nice gesture recently. Awhile back, during the snowy weather, I had my shovel taken from my front yard; and I wrote a letter to the editor in reference to the incident.

Not knowing where or how it disappeared was somewhat of a mystery.

Well, last week, what turned up? A brand new shovel by the back porch. A brand new, shiny shovel of all things, with a red ribbon tied to it.

Maybe the person who took the old one left it; or who knows? There was no note or name attached.

I presume the person who took the old one has more pleasure with it now because of the past history involved around such a piece of necessary farm equipment.

Bill Wiseman

near Vevay