Letters to the Editor week of 3/8/07


Community project

To the Editor:

 Greetings. I hope this email finds  you well. I wanted to send you an email about a community project that I’m working on. I wasn’t sure if you’d be able to put something in the Vevay newspaper in case anyone wanted to support it. Below are the details of the project. . . .

 In looking for a community project to take part in, I came across a group in my community who focuses on developing the community through education. They pleaded that the community was in sore need of an early child-care center. After meeting with the community and hearing other needs, it was evident that the majority of the community supported this project.

 The community had already raised a good amount of money for the project and has been able to complete the foundation and even beyond, but they were in need of additional funding. So, I completed a proposal through the Peace Corps called the Peace Corps Partnership Fund. After approving proposals, Peace Corps tries to identify “partners” who are interested in supporting the particular project. Sometimes this is successful, other times it proves very difficult to acquire funding. Peace Corps also asked me to fill out a form listing family and friends who might be willing to contribute. I have listed your name as someone to contact as you might be able to publish this information in the newspaper. I would be greatly indebted if you could do so.

 To donate to this project and to get a full project description, you simply go to www.peacecorps.gov, go to “donate now”, then to “volunteer projects” then “South Africa” and you will find information on “Pre-School Construction” under my name “Andrew Ross.” I would really appreciate any cents anyone is willing to put forth, as every little bit counts. My community would appreciate it even more.  If any of you know any other way to get this information out, by word, newspapers, etc. please let me know.

 Lastly, thanks again for your support.

Andrew Ross

U.S. Peace Corps 2005-2007