Letters to the Editor week of 3-5-09


New 911 addresses

To The Editor:

Now that Switzerland County is finishing up on the new “E911” addresses; everyone who lives in the county should have received their notification of their new address.

All letters have been sent out from the commissioners. Some of you are waiting for final approval from the post office to start using yours; and everyone else should be converting over to your new numbers.

There where several addresses that needed corrected after the system send out the first letters to those on Beatty Ridge, but all of them have been corrected and re-issued.

Everyone has been exceptionally patient and cooperative in this whole process.

Thank you for that.

If you are needing to purchase a green reflective sign contact me or someone from one of the fire departments.

The sole purpose of the change was to be able to locate you faster and efficiently when you called “911”. Our old system was great but we have outgrown the numbering system and with the new system we should never have to go through the entire county again.

If you have not received your letter from commissioners of your new address please call me at 427-2943; or if you have and question feel free to call me at that same number.



Richard Lay, Sr.

Switzerland County E911 Communication