Letters to the Editor week of 3-17-11


Help available

To the Editor:

The purpose of this letter is to let the Switzerland County community know about our organization, Southeastern Indiana Independent Living Center (SIILC).

Our Center currently has the following items available for donation and/or loan for consumers who may potentially benefit from any electric hospital bed, natural wound care mattress, gel mattress, wheelchair, wheelchair foot rests, air cushion seat, bath/shower chair, trapeze bar, special TV glasses, grabber bar, portable commode, walker, walker wheels, safety bed rails, adult diapers, and more.

 If you or someone you know is in need of such items, please contact our office today at 866-689-3753.

Thank you.

 Amy Browning

Executive Director


Keep tradition

To the Editor:

I read with interest the letter from the students regarding Choral Festival. When I was in high school I had the privilege of attending the Choral Festivals and missed my senior year because choir was not offered. It is a very exciting day and has a lot of hard work involved. If you didn’t know your music well you would by the end of the day after repeating it over and over.

I don’t know if there are any Seniors in choir who will not get another opportunity to take part but I hope it will not be cut in the future.

The girls mentioned tradition, I was so glad to see young people recognize this. Tradition is anything peculiar to a community, family, school, country or anything else you might find worth repeating.

Another long standing tradition for our school was 10 couples in Homecoming. This year there were six and I understand next year it will be cut to four. Whose tradition is this? Not ours. Our new principal’s, maybe? Perhaps one of his former schools’ had four.

We have one family who has a tradition of wearing the same dress, that’s great. I have seen it often.

I heard that nobody goes to see Homecoming but goes to see the ball game. Strange, but each year the gym is full for Homecoming and at other games there a re probably several hundred seats available, sometimes including where school officials usually sit.

Our school has had the best Homecoming I have seen, the girls in formals and the boys in tuxes and warm ups, this year suits. I have been to other schools that blue jeans and tennis shoes were the dress of the evening. Ho hum, is this an honor?

In a small school like ours 10 was a good number. This gave 10 girls and 10 boys the excitement of representing their class and there are really no losers just having the opportunity to walk out onto the gym floor having been chosen by your classmates you have been recognized as special. It is an honor.

It is said it takes too long – Mr. Curlin does a very good job of emceeing the event but here is how it could be shortened without cutting numbers. The bulletin included inside the basketball program shows their picture and lists all of their accomplishments. We can read. Just say their name, parents’ names, future goals and 10 candidates would go faster than four with everything said and would give more people the chance to participate.

I’ve been attending home games for about 30 years and I’ve seen many Homecomings. To change traditions is not good.

Some of our traditions have been a musical in the Spring, a Band Christmas floor show, Choral Festival, Homecoming. These seem to have been lost or changed.

Here’s to keeping tradition.

Billie Green

Near Vevay