Letters to the Editor week of 3/15/07


Small business

Dear Editor:

Many may be unaware of the value of small business to our community. Our business is about to surpass a major milestone. Shortly we will go over the $2,000,000 mark in cumulative wages paid since beginning operations in 1994. This money went to people who live in our community and spend a major portion of their income in other small businesses in our community.

Our business has also purchased over $100,000 worth of goods and services from other local small businesses. We have generated over $200,000 in sales tax and tens of thousands more in payroll and property taxes. Our contributions to local charities, causes and those in need can also be measured in the thousands.

We are not unique. Many local businesses can tell similar stories. The point is the many small businesses in our community make life here what it is. It is unfortunate that many in state and federal government view small business as a conduit to squeeze even more tax dollars out of the populace. We can only hope that local government has a better understanding of the value of small business to our community.

Kip Meyerhoff


Autism awareness

To the Editor:

I am the proud parent of an eight-year-old child with Asperser’s who is high-functioning. Let’s start a support group and help each other give our kids a future with friends.

Since April is Autism Awareness Month please join me and others at meetings about autism on April 5th and 26th at 6 p.m. at the Switzerland County Public Library meeting room.

Do you have a child, or a loved one, or know someone who falls somewhere on the Autism Spectrum?

Are you or someone you love suffering. Do you have support? Do you know where to get support?

Do you have a team of Medical Providers? Do you know where to find them?

Do you understanding the Indiana Medicaid Waiver Services? Are you signed up?

Do you know about Early Intervention Services? Want information?

Do you understand Disability? Want information?

Do you understand I.E.P.’s? Do you need help?

Do you understand Transitioning? Do you need help?

Need information to help overcome Functional limitations?

Want to start a play group with Special Kids?

If anyone needs additional information you may call me at 594-3810. Please join us for the meetings on April 5th and 26th at 6 p.m. Let’s make new Friends.

Debby Furnish