Letters to the Editor week of 3-10-11


Cancer screening

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter to remind everyone that the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) has named March as Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. The CDC reports on its website that “. . . regular screening can prevent as many as 60 percent of deaths from this cancer.”

In approximately three months my mom will be gone three years because of this dreadful disease. As I look back, I think of things I could have possibly noticed or done to help prevent what happened to her. The most important thing that I missed was making her get a routine colonoscopy when she turned 50 years old. My mom told me several times after her diagnosis, that her doctor had told her to schedule a colonoscopy. She never did. We had no family history of colon cancer. There was no sense of urgency.

I understand why people delay. A colonoscopy is not a pleasant thing to think about. I have had one done. It’s not that big of a deal.           

The CDC recommends that everyone (male/female) over the age of 50 or anyone who has had a family history of colon cancer be screened regularly. Talk to your doctors. Ask questions. Watch your weight. Eat right. Exercise regularly.

 Remember, colon cancer found early, can be cured.  

 In loving memory of my mom.

Angel Konkle



To the Editor:

The services for Lowell Wayne Sullivan were very impressive, but not as much as all the services he provided to his fellow citizens. The outpouring of condolences and gratitudes were evidence of how much this man will be missed by the community.

Lowell Wayne was a war hero, but he was also a hero to the people of Switzerland County and his family. The many times that I was aware of contributions to the community in providing medical equipment from the American Legion to people in need. The distribution of food baskets to the needy on holidays so that everyone has a good meal for their families.

As Pat Lanman expressed at the funeral services, there was not a Lowell Wayne without Rita. They worked together very diligently to provide those services. And performed it with a smile.

The community showed its respect for t his person who only comes along once in a person’s lifetime. We sincerely hope that Lowell Wayne’s inspiration will show what can be accomplished with determination and good will.

Rita and her family should be very proud, of which I am sure they are, that such a man could be remembered in such a manner.

Betty Lucas



Dear Editor:

I don’t know if you have seen the T.V. news and newspaper articles about the proposed changes in Indiana education and the Twenty-first Century Scholars Program but I want to make parents aware. Some of the issues being discussed by state legislators could involve withdrawing the guarantee of tuition money awarded to currently enrolled Twenty-first Scholars. As a parent of two Twenty-first Century Scholars I have a personal realization of the value of their educations and the program that made it monetarily possible for them to attend college.

You can have a voice in the outcome of the decision of our state lawmakers by making phone calls to those in control of the issues. Listed below are names and phone numbers of Indiana state representatives. A simple but forceful message can be made by calling these numbers and leaving a message (you will get a recording) such as:

“I am calling regarding the Twenty-first Century Scholars Program. Please keep the commitment you have made to currently enrolled scholars and their families.”

They are: Tom Dermody 317-234-2993 (head of writing the bill); Governor Mitch Daniels 317-232-4567; Tom Knollman 317-234-3825 (Dearborn County); Eric Kock 317-232-9603 (Jackson County); Jud McMillin 317-234-3825 (Dearborn, Ohio, Ripley and Switzerland counties.

Representatives on the Education Committee are: Robert Behning 317-232-9981; Rhonda Rhoads 317-232-9619; Gregory Porter 317-232-9634; Tim Brown 317-232-9674; Ed Clere 317-232-9648; David Frizzell 317-232-9981; Kathy Heuer 317-232-9647; Clyde Kersey 317-234-9218; Cindy Noe 317-232-9678; Vernon Smith 317-232-9875; Jeff Thompson 317-232-9793; Shelli VanDenburgh 317-234-9047.

Please spread the word to friends, family and community; anyone can make the call.

It is our right and privilege to stand up for issues in which we believe. A statewide rally in support of upholding the commitment made by our state legislators to Twenty-first Century Scholar families will be held on Saturday, March 12th, at the State Capitol Building in Indianapolis.

For further information about the rally call 812-592-0841, 812-592-0842, 812-592-0840 or 812-592-0447. Thank you.

Diana Johnson

Near East Enterprise

Choral Festival

To the Editor:

When I read the high school choir was going to be denied their right and privilege of participating in the Choral Festival, I was heartsick.

My mind immediately reverted to 1946. I was a Senior in Vevay High School and a member of the Glee Club. Mrs. Flynn worked with us all winter preparing us to be able to participate in the Choral Festival. We were excited and worked hard to learn the songs we would be singing with the combined choirs of the other participating schools.

The Festival was not held during World War II and was now being revived.

Parents and friends drove their personal vehicles to take us to New Albany, if my memory serves me correctly. I rode with Mrs. Schirmer, Jhan and Betty’s mother.

It was a most enjoyable and memorable experience – a memory I am happy was not denied me.

I am certainly not against sports. I enjoy them. But would you tell our teams they couldn’t attend the sectionals?

Musical talent usually lasts a lifetime. I seriously doubt anyone will be making very many slam dunks after the age of 50.

Frances Weaver