Letters to the editor week of 3/1/07


Special week

To the Editor:

Newspaper in Education Week is coming soon. Each year the Indiana State Reading Association (ISRA) and the Hoosier State Press Association (HSPA) work together with the Indiana Department of Education to promote this special week. This collaborative effort was created to promote reading in general and reading of the newspaper in particular.

This year’s special observance will be March 5th-9th, and the theme will be “The Newspaper: Powerlifting for Your Mind.” Activities will be organized around the Indiana Language Arts standards by grade clusters, and they will follow the theme. There will also b e suggestions as to how to use activities at different grade levels.

We know reading is fundamental to maintaining American democracy which relies on an educated populace. The habit of reading the newspaper needs to be developed while children are young and nurtured as they move to adulthood. Our future and that of our children depends upon it.

We thank all of our partners – not only ISRA and HSPA – but teachers, parents, volunteers, and friends who join with us in this important work. The contributions of each individual help make this project a great success for now and far into the years to come.

Dr. Suellen Reed

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Department of Education