Letters to the Editor week of 2-5-09


Great job

Dear Editor:

I would like to commend the Switzerland County Animal Shelter for making the bold decision to increase their adoption fees to include spay/neuter, as well as vaccinations, worming, flea treatment, and heartworm testing. Any responsible pet owner knows the cost of having a new pet vetted and will know that the new fees at the shelter will actually “save” them money.

As stated in their new fees announcement, “The Switzerland County Animal Shelter wants to ensure population control as well as the health of animals adopted out of the shelter.” As they know, sending unaltered dogs and cats out into the community is counter-productive. By requiring all dogs and cats adopted from the shelter to be spayed or neutered, the shelter is saving the county money and helping to avert euthanasia by reducing the number of unwanted litters (and their offspring, ad infinitum) that would need to come into the shelter. They are also making our county a better place to live by helping to eliminate the unwanted litters that are the source of the stray and abandoned animals we have all sadly encountered. Lastly, the adopted pets themselves benefit by being given a healthy start on a new life.

As for “free” cats, kittens, dogs and puppies, what that really means is that they are “unwanted.” They, too, deserve a good home and there are many compassionate people who take them in. But, preventing unwanted litters is the responsible answer. I applaud the animal shelter (Terry Scudder and Keli Hall) for having the wisdom to see the benefits of spay/neuter. They are setting a good example for us all to follow.

In other communities that have adopted a mandatory spay/neuter policy with higher adoption fees, the numbers of adoptions have not gone down. Responsible adopters still adopt. As for shelter animals that must be euthanized, irresponsible pet owners must accept that blame, not shelter personnel.

Thank you Terry and Keli for instituting this wise, proactive policy in our community and for all your hard work for the benefit of county animals. Thanks also to the county commissioners and council members for the new spay/neuter assistance program you have instituted in Switzerland County.

Evelyn Fried

Markland Pike

Watch your shovel

To the Editor:

Well, there has been a lot of snow and ice up on the ridge. We were “snowbound” for a few days and, of course, I plowed and pushed and shoveled to no end. Since I am 84 years of age, I do get tired after while, of, yes.

I left the shovel (the only one I have with a long handle) out front of our yard to take a little rest. When I went back for the shovel, it was gone?

Maybe whoever took it w ill come back and help me shovel. Or if they do use it, maybe they will think of me in a sharing way. Or maybe the one who took t he shovel is the same person who punched my tires and shot at my windshield and antique globe.

Who knows?

Bill Wiseman

Near Vevay