Letters to the Editor week of 2/22/07


NFL enlightenment

Dear Editor:

I am writing in regard to your February 1st column “To the Point.”

Thanks for the NFL enlightenment. I did not know they guarded their trademarks and copyrights so stringently. And ’tis true about the ticket prices. I know some people who paid $3,000 per ticket to go to that “grizzly-horsey” game. My family and I (here in Ohio) are glad the horses “out-ran” the grizzlies.

One other thing. I truly liked the picture on the front page of the December 28th issue of the Christmas tree with the Courthouse in the background. Great picture.

Lorraine Raisor

Wapakoneta, Ohio

(formerly of Patriot)

Great production

Dear Editor:

I attended the Jeff-Craig Musical Monday evening (February 12th) at the high school. It was fabulous. The kids did an awesome job, but the one who needs the biggest praise is Jacquita Lanman. My children have worked with her in the plays for the past three years. She puts so much enthusiasm and work into it that the kids thoroughly enjoy being part of the production.

I have a child who has very few interests outside of sports but the drama club has opened his eyes to other avenues and I want to thank Mrs. Lanman for that. I am looking forward to next year’s production and for years to come.

Lora Cole


Mural or not

Dear Editor:

With great anticipation, I have been eagerly awaiting the last installment of Mr. Leatherbury’s “A Mural.” Finally an end to this bombastic drivel.

Mr. Leatherbury betrays vast ignorance with his insipid rambling. Surely, our dear editor does not intend to pass off the ravings of an unsound mind as literature.

Why not encourage our students to submit some of their essays.

Alberta Johnson