Letters to the Editor week of 12-9-10


True spirit

To the Editor:

Christmas Season is quickly approaching and life gets busier and busier. This weekend I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful, heartfelt, Christmas program put on by the Long Run Association of churches.

If you were not already feeling the true spirit of Christmas as you entered, you certainly were as you left. We shared songs and praises of community, neighbors, family and friends, and the love of Jesus Christ. I witnessed the talents of many and was reminded of the real gifts of the holidays.

I was very proud to have the gifts of relatives, friends and neighbors who are examples of how I should live my life, and raise my children.

Some attending that program have served our country; some were parents, friends and family of t hose protecting our freedoms now. Some have spent their lives dedicating their talents to ministering, teaching and keeping our community safe. Please remember their gifts.

I witnessed the fine talents of two promising youths, Hilary Lanman and Jennifer Johnson, who brilliantly shared gifts of music. I thank them. These two young ladies are our future. They will be examples for our next generations.

Please, as Christmas approaches and the lists grow longer, take the time to support and recognize the “gifts” before your eyes. Lend a hand to a neighbor, say a prayer for a friend, and brighten someone’s day. Let a child know they are loved.

Isn’t that what Christmas is about? The gift of love from God.

Lois McKay

East Enterprise