Letters to the Editor week of 12-4-08


Take a stand

To the Editor:

Kudos to Harold Scudder for his insightful letter to the editor in the November 20th Switzerland Democrat.

I totally agree with all that he said but on one particular point, I would like to add my two cents.

I believe that the lack of a “media” presence at our county’s official meetings, is in great part, the root of the problems with our elected officials as it lets them operate with impunity.

The Vevay newspapers’ “ex post facto” style of reporting is fine for spelling bees and volleyball games but keeping elected officials on task requires being at the meetings and asking some hard questions and informing readers as to the “who, what, w hen, where, why and how” of issues of importance to the adults that read your paper.

Traditionally, that’s what newspapers do.

Also, editors traditionally editorialize about issues affecting their readers.

Do you have any opinions, Pat?

In July, I wrote a fact filled letter to the editor which was deemed too mean spirited for publication in the Vevay newspapers.

The facts all I had written in the letter were true but the risk of offending your Patriot correspondent and having to leave that part of the paper blank, apparently outweighed the people’s right to know the truth about the Markland Bridge debacle.

That’s not being an editor.

That is being a censor.

Steve Bladen

Tapps Ridge