Letters to the Editor week of 12-17-09


Local shopping

To the Editor:

In reference to the letter ‘Shop Locally’.

Although I am all for helping our community, when it comes to shopping, let’s face it, it’s a lot cheaper to go elsewhere when it comes to most things. The amount of gas used is well worth it when you consider how much you save. The gas prices are higher, the grocery prices are higher, just about everything is higher here in Vevay. And, even though I do buy a few food items that are on sale here in Vevay, I can save $60 or more by buying my groceries in Madison. I have to stretch my dollar as far as I can, as most people these days do, so I need to get as much as I can for as little as I can.

I can go to Madison and get a month’s worth of groceries for about $150. There is no way I can do that here in Vevay. I mean, why spend 99 cents for a half gallon of milk (on sale) when I can buy a gallon for $1.49 (regular price) in Madison? And there isn’t much of a choice here in Vevay when it comes to clothing. There are a few places to shop for toys, but the selection is very limited.

So, since there are other ways of contributing to the community (donating food and clothing, helping the elderly, volunteer work, etc.), I’ll stick with doing the majority of my shopping in Madison.

Rebecca Richards


Great community

To the Editor:

One day before Thanksgiving I lost my job and my vehicle. The love and support I have received during this very trying time has overwhelmed me. I want to thank everyone for standing beside, behind and before me. Special thanks goes to Betty Lucas, Bill Gulley, Glenn Bovard, Vickie Martin, two secret Santa’s, and Cheryl (White) Turner for their unselfish acts of kindness.

Betty is the driving force in getting the new shop going, Bill and friends pulled the shop together, Cheryl offered me a vehicle to drive and Glenn and Vickie agreed to have my driveway fixed. Two wonderful people called and offered to donate money to help me get started in the new shop. I cannot express t he gratitude and admiration I feel for them and everyone who even offered a word of comfort.

It is such a blessed time in my life and during this holiday season, which is all about giving, I have truly received the blessing of wonderful family and friends. I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and hope you all know how blessed we are to be living in this community.

Rocky McKenzie


Honoring veterans

To the Editor:

I would like to thank Rodney Nay of Haskell & Morrison Funeral Home and the American Legion Post 9 of Jefferson County for sponsoring the wreaths that were laid on the gravesites at the Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Madison.

When I was at the cemetery for Veterans’ Day to put a flag on my dad’s grave, I was told then that the wreaths would not be laid this year and I was very disappointed. Last week on the front page of The Madison Courier was an article stating that the wreaths would be laid and I was very happy.

Thank you Rodney and American Legion Post 9 for making this happen. If you have never seen the wreaths on the graves you are missing a beautiful sight. Please stop by and see them even if you don’t have someone there. Thank you.

Pam Rook