Letters to the Editor week of 11-5-09


Where is Fall?

Dear Editor:

It has been so pleasant this Fall to hear all the nice things visitors have said about Vevay and the good look created with all the Fall decorations put out in the downtown area. Those in charge of decorating did a superb job with the large display on the Courthouse lawn and the corn shocks at the street lights, etc.

I was so disappointed on Monday, November 2nd, to see that all the decorations had been taken down. Didn’t Fall just begin on September 22nd? Isn’t it true that Thanksgiving has not even yet occurred?

Where did Fall go?

Carolyn Miller


Nice restaurant

To the Editor:

I feel like I have to respond to the letter last week insinuating that people boycott our newest restaurant. I’m not saying I agree with changing our town ordinance about serving alcohol on the street. I’m just saying how awful I think it is that anyone would say something so hateful.

Shame on whomever wishes that someone would fail when they have the nerve to start up a business in our t own. Personally I really like our new restaurant and am happy to have one more option for our out-of-town guests to eat.

Our newest Mexican restaurant is charming and the food is good and reasonably priced. I will not be signing your petition.

Lisa Fisher


Don’t change law

Dear Editor:

I was amazed to see in the local paper that someone was wanting to serve alcohol on the sidewalk in our town. Don’t they think there are enough problems in our community without pushing it out in front of their business on a main street. If the people are going to eat at this restaurant, then they should drink their alcohol inside the place of business. If they think this will bring them more business I don’t think they need any business at all.

I don’t think they need to change the law for them because an open container law has been in effect for a while and I think it should stay that way.

I am a concerned mother and grandmother. Yes, Roberta and Hibbie Scudder, count me in.

Carolyn Works