Letters to the Editor week of 11-10-11


Private meetings

To the Editor:

The public has the right to be heard. Over the last several months the taxpayers have not been allowed to attend meetings of our local school board. During this past year the majority of the school board members have been holding private meetings at local eating establishments.

What could be so important that the school board doesn’t want the taxpayers to know?

What happened to the Sunshine Law?

School board members, Wayne Daugherty, Vern Waltz, Bill Roberts, Tonya Moore and Andy Truitt, please advise.

Ami Thomas

Mark Purnell



To the Editor:

What is going on? Most of the school board members have been seen meeting many times at restaurants in town. Why wasn’t the public invited? Now who are you talking about? Are you spending taxpayers’ money without even listening to us? You did not even include two of your own members in these meetings? Let’s put trust back in our local school board of “trust”ees.

Bill Hoskins

Tammy Hoskins


Fair rules

To the Editor:

I would like to address my letter to the general public. I also was at the Switzerland County Fairboard meeting in October when the fairboard decided to closely follow the Indiana State Fair rule about no help outside the family on the county fairgrounds. Although most of the time following state fair guidelines can be a good way to avoid a lot of issues all counties can amend their own rules to accommodate the county demands and needs.

At this point in time I would like to point out that I too agree that we should not let another rule be added to the county rule book that deters volunteers and friends and past 4-H youth from helping if the time arrives that we could be of help. Sometimes adding too many rules only creates situations that could be avoided.

Currently I too have been affiliated with county 4-H program, probably for 20-plus years, serving in that time as a parent, a horse and pony leader, county fairboard member, fairboard secretary, time on the area horse and pony community. This year my son and I helped a youth achieve two more showmanships to add to her youth record.

Now I don’t want my letter to sound like this is all about me, but I would like to point out what I have seen at the county fair (friendship, camaraderie, fellowship, respect, and a lot of love and support between families), especially over the past two years. I personally have acquired some very close friends because I have been able to continue helping youth at all times. Now I would also like to point out that my children and I spent a lot of time and money to gather the things that you need to do a really good job in competition.

Finishing projects, raising animals and most of all (making the best better) with the hopes that after all is finished and my children can no longer compete in the program we do have a lot to pass on – equipment, time and knowledge and sometimes it does mean the day of the show for those that don’t have what you have to offer at the time.

Now we are not trainers or professional groomers. We have just learned over a lot of years and hard work. I do believe that as small as this county is the county fair is a stepping stone for area shows – Indiana State Fair, national shows, and even open shows.

Remember this is an open group, not a private club, and it plainly is a youth program. The board and other adult volunteers are only guiding bodies in this program. Although our board did choose to not let youth vote on important issues until they are 18 that might affect their own program.

We do need to continue to ask our youth and to include them in mature situations about how they want their program run. And most of all to be able to give hands on help when needed, hoping that we are giving them positive reinforcement because they are the next generation of chair people we are passing this program onto. And hoping that it will be run with the same caring and sharing we hope and think we are giving.

I have many times asked the fairboard to please put their minutes and future agendas and their financial accounts in the paper for the community to see. You should not have to call the Extension office to ask these things. It should be posted publicly for all to see.

All organizations have problems. Now is the time to come forward, speak your peace about how you feel. I would like to see input and final decisions come from our 4-H families and our youth, not just a board that I feel is there to be a guiding body. Express your concerns and your help and know that you as a community are welcome at all times.

Jenny McClurg

Near Fairview