Letters to the Editor week of 10-30-08


Rightly accused

To the Editor:

I would like to respond to the “Falsely Accused” letter from last week. Like in most cases, there are always two sides to every story. I was there when the group of young girls was told to leave. I was on the haunted hayride and witnessed their behavior.

Before the hayride even got started, these girls were warned about using foul language and about throwing things at the workers. As soon as the ride got started, some girls in the group started yelling sexually explicit comments at one of the workers. Then, they started cursing. Toward the end of the ride, one member of the group threw a water bottle at one of the workers, just barely missing their face. When the ride stopped, the girls were confronted about their behavior and told to leave. They were never cursed at. It wouldn’t make much sense to curse at them when part of the reason they were being told to leave was because of their foul language. Yes, there was a finger pointed – at the group – and then it was pointed at the gate. No one was singled out. This took place around 10 p.m.

It was dark on the haunted hayride and it was not possible to see exactly which girl, or girls, out of the group was acting this way. That is why the entire group of girls was told to leave. I am sure that not all members of the group were guilty. There was one girl that was told to leave but she went up to the volunteer and made it clear that she was not part of the group and was not behaving like that. She was apologized to and allowed to stay.

If your children were so falsely accused like you claim, why didn’t they separate themselves from the girls that were misbehaving? They made the decision to be part of the group, and they were told to leave as part of the group.

I am sorry you were not able to attend with your children. I am sure you would have had a good time, but at least you were able to bring them back so you could get a refund. Maybe if these girls had some adult supervision, they wouldn’t have been acting that way.

The only thing that was disturbing was that the 4-H members were treated in this manner. They all worked very hard and should be proud of themselves.

Clint Anders

Near Rising Sun

Bridge support

To the Editor:

At a recent county commissioners meeting, a petition with over 200 names was presented in an effort to save the Markland bridge. I hope the parties involved can reach an agreement to keep the bridge. I also hope that the commissioners will take note of the names of some of the signers. I am told some very influential people in the county signed this petition. To everyone who supported our efforts, “Thank You” for your vote of confidence. You people will long be remembered for your compassion for a very historic old bridge. I can’t express with words how much historic significance the old bridge lends to the county. It has been a landmark for 126 years and the commissioners along with the McAllisters want to sweep it away with no regard at all to the loss it will bring to its supporters if the bridge goes down.

I suppose what we need is some of the older generation that could remember the old bridge as the only means of getting to Vevay from the east, other than going up the hill and around to get to town for shopping, church, going to work or whatever the need would be. I will go so far as to say, I’d bet there are a lot of young people in the county that have no idea there is a piece of history “out there in the weeds.” The old bridge is sound and could probably still carry traffic if needed. I’m not in any way suggesting we put it back in service, just reminding everyone of what you’re throwing away by being silent and not voicing your opinion.

While I applaud you all for signing the petition, I will also state that you took the easy way out as well as the least effective. These commissioners need to hear from you and you need to be strong in your commitment, To the local grade school and high school history teachers. Wouldn’t this old bridge be an excellent subject for your students to study? Let’s keep this valuable piece of history and you all can be proud to say it is something you were a part of. We need your support.

 Harold Scudder

Homer, Michigan

Formerly of Switzerland County

Great job

Dear Editor:

The Meet the Candidates Forum last Thursday exceeded our expectations in every way, with over 20 candidates and about 150 citizens participating in the event. We’d like to thank the Switzerland County Chamber of Commerce, Farm Bureau, Swissroundtable.com and Real Living Realty for sponsoring the event, the “Flypod” Podcast and the Channel 15 cable news coverage. Mike Jones and John Keeton did a great job, early on, of rounding up the candidates while volunteers Carla Van Norstran, Teresa Lyons, Stasia Wiseman, Toni and John Kniola and Fred Stave did a great job working the event.

Thanks, too, to David Todd, Shannon Barger, Zack Osowski and Ashley Bovard and the seniors at Switzerland County High School for their work and participation. Thanks to Vevay Newspapers’ staff for keeping this covered. Thanks to Allan Bear and Haskell & Morrison Funeral home for use of their podium and the Switzerland County YMCA for use of their projector and screen (the theater needs these items if anyone wants to donate).

We are especially grateful to all the voters who posed questions and voiced opinions through the mail and at Swissroundtable.com – these are what really made the evening a success. We are proud to live in an area where the citizens, as well as the candidates, take such an active interest in the political process and do so with respect and civility. The candidates, by the way, did a great job. Special thanks to Dr. Robert Findley and Nancy Peters for their excellent job of moderating the forum. We hope the conversation will continue at Swissroundtable.com. If you missed the event, you can see it on Channel 15 or hear it at www.theflypod.com. See you at the polls November 4th.

Sarah Brichto, Melissa Hughes,

Nancy Peters, Andrea Kappes

Bridge politics

To the Editor:

When I first inquired as to why the bridge in Markland was being demolished, I fully expected the liability card to be played. Why it would suddenly become such a “liability” after more than 30 years has never been publicly disclosed or discussed to my knowledge.

It was only after the bridge was identified as an historically significant piece of architecture that I came to realize what Switzerland County politics is all about.

I fully expected the historical society to rush to my aid in saving the bridge but such was not the case. Because of their fear of “funding retribution” by this board of commissioners the society’s leadership has remained mum.

This silence speaks volumes about the shape of Switzerland County politics.

If you feel as I do, on November 4th, go to the polls and let’s put some new faces in county government.

Steve Bladen

Tapps Ridge

Forum thoughts

Dear Editor:

For whatever reason, and several were given, none of them good enough, there was no one to speak for John McCain for President at the Switzerland County Forum last Thursday night. And yet, the Obama speaker, a leftist socialist from Hanover College was allowed to speak.

I sat in stunned silence at this complete and unashamed bias. And nauseated at having to listen to the government subsidized life story of Obama, whose only real life experience and qualifications for President is that he was once a neighborhood organizer associated with a real life terrorist bomber in Chicago.

Afterwards I was told, if you felt so strongly about the unfairness of it why didn’t you speak up. First, I was unprepared, second, my wife doesn’t like for me to make an idiot of myself in public, and third, I’m a Jimmy Carter Democrat.

Hang on America. You just had a wild ride to the right where the population is considered to be the work force of big business. Now, under Obama, you will be taken on a ride to the far left where the population is considered to be the work force of the state.

Josiah Leatherbury

Popcorn Ridge