Letters to the Editor week of 10-25-07


Special people

To the Editor:

When I came to Swiss Villa Nursing and Rehabilitation Center eight months ago I was very impressed with the caring nature of the facility staff and their special bond with the residents. It was impressive to see the dedication of the staff and their family relationship to each and every resident. In turn, the residents responded to the staff as if they were part of their family. Over the past months that relationship has not changed.

During that same period, I was able to spend a good deal of time in the community meeting many of the residents of Vevay and Switzerland County. It has been an absolute pleasure to be involved with so many fine and friendly people that inhabit this special part of Southern Indiana. Believe me when I say that this is not true in all of the communities I have served over the past 30-plus years as a healthcare professional.

In my assessment of the staff and residents of Swiss Villa, I have concluded that their dedicated, caring and family oriented attitude is no more than a reflection of the community that they are a very special part of. Vevay and Switzerland County is a beautiful community populated by some of the finest people that it has been my pleasure to know. The people are the community.

In leaving Swiss Villa, my only hope is that neither the facility or the community ever loses pride in who and what you are as a community. You all are a very unique and special group of people.

Please accept my thanks for allowing me to be part of your community for a short while. It has been a very life enriching experience for me that will not be forgotten.

Thank you and my best wishes to you all for the future.

Bill Scheller


Serious matters

Dear Editor:

In my opinion if a citizen attended the October Board of Education meeting for the very first time, that person would observe happy laughing school corporation administrators and board members.

At this meeting several educational programs were presented for possible adoption. “Celebrate Success” was presented. The request to transfer some public records to the historical society was recommended. The atmosphere was full of fun and laughter. The board members appeared to be having a “good ole boys” evening with the superintendent and his assistant by his side.

At this meeting the superintendent was asked by a board member about the turn around time of getting the minutes from a meeting to the public. A typical answer from the superintendent “we need to work on that” was given. I believe five to six weeks is unacceptable. I would think communicating with the taxpaying public would be a top priority for a person in the superintendent’s position.

At this meeting there was no mention of serious matters being handled. There was no mention of the status of recovering our embezzled tax dollars. There was no mention of the consequences for the superintendent in charge while the embezzlement happened. There was no mention about the outcome of the superintendent threatening a school bus driver’s job from the previous board meeting. There was no mention of what happened at the executive meeting prior to the October meeting. There was no mention of what takes place at all of the executive meetings this board has with this superintendent. I never hear any closure or information at the board meetings about the serious business needing to be handled.

All the merriment for students’ success is important. Communication to the public about the pilfering of tax dollars is important. The board informing the public about their intentions of dealing with the superintendent’s plunder of over $1 million is important.

Nancy Peters

Near Vevay