Letters to the Editor week of 10-23-08


Boost economy

To the Editor:

County infrastructure and our schools have been more than amply funded. It is a good time for county residents to benefit directly from casino revenue.

How about issuing credit or gift cards to residents that would only be redeemable in Switzerland County and counties that share casino funds. A generous amount per resident would bring a tremendous boost to the local economy.

Don Witt


Grave robbing

To the Editor:

To the person or persons who removed the memorial wreath from the grave of William D. Shadday (a loving husband, father, grandfather and brother) who is at rest in the Vevay Cemetery – please return it.

If you feel that you are more entitled to it than the dear man for whom it was intended, may God bless you with a good conscience.

Doris Shadday and Family


Falsely accused

Dear Editor:

I am writing in regard to the Harvest Fall Festival at the 4-H Fairgrounds October 18th. I am happy to see the community come together and have these type of activities for our children. I applaud the effort.

However, an incident occurred with my children that is disturbing. My children were wrongly accused of throwing pop bottles and candy and were thrown out.

I returned with my children after being told that an adult volunteer yelled, cursed and pointed fingers in my children’s faces. I spoke to whomever was in charge, was given an apology and a full refund.

My concern is with the volunteer. She should have made sure she had the children who actually caused the problem and called their parents instead of handling the situation in the manner she did.

Misty Norfleet