Letters to the Editor week of 10-2-08


Good work

To the Editor:

The Switzerland County Park and Recreation board would like to take this opportunity to give the Switzerland County Highway Department York/Posey District workers a big “thank you” for all of the help they’ve given us at the Markland Dam Park.

Each time we have requested help, they are there almost immediately and they work hard to get the task accomplished. We know they don’t always get recognition for the good they do in our community, so we didn’t want to miss this chance to let them know they are appreciated.

Ronnie Otter, Robert Findley,

Jill Hutcherson, Ginger Furnish,

Cheryl Furnish, Sandy Althoff, Dave Hickman


To the Editor:

I recently received my REMC pamphlet where my neighbor pointed out an article on the Pre Pay Meter Program. After reading the article I felt some points needed to be cleared up. It seems as though REMC customers have been lumped into two categories. As stated on page 4, paragraph 4 and 5: “Those members who receive disconnect notices” and “Those members who are favorable.” I can say after reading the article not only myself, but some of my neighbors were upset over how this was worded.

To address the issue of “Those members who receive disconnect notices” they are the majority of people in this county who are struggling to make it week by week. These are people who have to decide between food and electric, prescriptions and electric, and the gas to get to work to pay for that electric bill. We all have neighbors who live on a fixed income from Social Security, or whose spouse has been in and out of hospitals with vast medical problems, or who has a lost job to outsourcing. They receive disconnect notices while making the decision to buy food, paying for needed RX, or buying as to get to work to pay for the bills they can, even if these bills have to wait until the last minute. People have to choose every day on how to use what money they have.

What happens to REMC customers who have to prepay for electric and cannot afford a full month of it? Hope for another power outage that lasts a week or so. I am glad REMC has customers who have “favorable payment records” and my hope is that these customers can continue on that path. But what if a tragedy were to happen in their life and could not, would they also be reclassified into “Those members who receive disconnect notices” when deciding between what has to take priority at a particular time. Yes, there are people in our society who skip out on bills, or use their money for other things besides paying bills, but the vast majority of people in this county are hard workers who are just trying to survive on a weekly basis. Don’t classify them, REMC, until you are well aware of the situation they are in.

I don’t know whose brain child this project was, but the vast majority of REMC customers sure were not considered in it, just the wallets of overpaid executives, I guess.

Judy English



To the Editor:

My purpose in writing this letter is in no way intended to diminish the much deserved praise of any group. However, I feel that numerous people who devoted long hours cleaning up the town after the recent storm are being unintentionally overlooked. These crews brought in heavy equipment of all kinds, loaders, dump trucks, trailers, chainsaws, etc., and worked from early morning into late into the evening. Included in the job of cleanup were: Parham Excavating and crew, Jon Thompson and crew, Bovard and Sons and workers, Vevay street/cemetery crew. Very special thanks to Cory Hankins and crew. Your big loader was a lifesaver.

Also a big thanks to my 10-year-old son, Cody, who spent hours in the streets directing traffic. No doubt I have not remembered all who helped, but our clean town is evidence of a tremendous job well done. My heartfelt thanks to each of you. As you have opportunity, please express your thanks to all these men.

Thanks again.

Karrie Rayls


Hard work

To the Editor:

The Switzerland County School Board would like to acknowledge the hard work of the Jefferson-Craig Fire Department and thank them for the use of their facility. Monday night the school administration building was without electricity but it was important to have a board meeting. The budget needed to be passed and the situation was time-sensitive and state regulated.

There was definitely a feeling of community togetherness as the meeting was being conducted. Supper was being served to literally hundreds of people; firemen were in and out checking on people and emergency situations; the emergency management officials were hard at work monitoring conditions; and a host of residents were stopping by for information. It was an impressive sight.

We not only appreciated the use of the facility but also the opportunity to see the hard work of very capable people.

Thank you again Jeff-Craig firemen, members of the Emergency Management Team and the many volunteers.

Andy Truitt, Jim Phipps,

Bill Roberts, Duane Cole,

Wayne Daugherty,

Virgil McKay, Vern Waltz