Letters to the Editor week of 10-14-10


Origin of Halloween

To the Editor:

Just a note to correct some rumors and misunderstandings on the decision not to have the children of Jeff Craig Elementary dress up for the “Halloween Party”. This was not a school board decision; the teachers were given a vote to dress up or not. The majority vote was not to dress up. Though this has been a long time tradition, have you ever tried to dress 22 kids at the same time? Everyone needs something – let alone all the extra parts that come with some of these costumes. You would be surprised how “unkind” some parents can be when little Johnny or Sally comes home with a tear or missing pieces to an expensive yet cheaply made costume. What would you choose? The children will still have a party with games and candy just not dress up in costume. It is not that “Halloween” has been taken away. There will be trick-or-treating and a parade in town.

Jeff Craig’s principal dressed up as a pig last year due to a fundraiser through Farm Bureau for the Switzerland County Food Pantry. Each class had a piggy bank to fill with change. If the school brought in a certain dollar amount, the principal had to dress like a pig. It just so happens that this fundraiser occurs in October to help with the Thanksgiving season.

Halloweens origin comes from the feast of Samhain to honor the dead (fed with Celtic superstitions). The Celts believed the souls of the dead roamed the streets and villages at night. Since not all spirits were thought to be friendly, gifts and treats were left out to pacify the evil and ensure the next year’s crops would be plentiful. This custom evolved into trick-or-treating. The Celts believed if they dressed in costume the evil spirits would not know who they were and pass by them. Everything from jack-o-lanterns to black cats originates from these Celtic superstitions.

Halloween is based on death, fear and evil spirits. How can this possibly be good for our children? Everything we do is a lesson for our children. What do our children learn from Halloween? Children learn violence and bad behaviors, it is not a natural instinct. Our children learn in today’s version of Halloween that fear and evil spirits are fun and friendly while in reality evil is the death of us. We must think about the bigger picture and the real consequences of our actions. As parents, it is our job to guide children for their best interest not just what they want.

Someone once told me they had the Halloween spirit. I ask you, is that really the spirit you want? Although the decision to not dress up was not a religious based decision, as a person who chooses to have a personal relationship with God, I applaud the teachers for making the decision. I pray that all people would be offended by this holiday which celebrates the devil and his evil. Choose life not death.

A concerned parent who does not celebrate Halloween.

The origin of Halloween is a Celtic superstition halloween.

Connie Wallace

Near Vevay

Nice addition

To the Editor:

This is just a note to say, I don’t know what it cost us (and maybe don’t want to know), but I think the fountain on Main and Market streets in Vevay is beautiful. Thank you to Lorrie Otter, who I think had something to do with the selection of this, and also to the Vevay Town Council for the purchase of the fountain.

With the lights and water on at night it is gorgeous.

Carolyn Miller


Great place

To the Editor:

Wow, what a great community we live in. I know we have said this over and over a gain but we have yet again proven this. Our community suffered a great loss a little over a month ago when we lost such a sweet beautiful girl, Amber Turner.

Since then this community has pulled together and we are proud to say we have paid off her funeral bill. We also have enough money left for the family to return to Florida to collect Amber’s belongings.

This community should be very proud, we live in a place where we are there for each other in time of need. Though we know the money does not ease the family’s pain of their loss, it takes that burden away, knowing their expenses are paid.

Proud to live in Vevay,

Dianna South

Marylee Tolbert


Tourism matters

To the Editor:

Editor’s Note: The following letter was sent to the Vevay Town Council by Kip Meyerhoff, local businessman.)


Collectively, the Vevay business community, the Tourism Commission, the Main Street program and both of the Vevay-Switzerland County Foundations, have contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars and thousands of volunteer man hours to improve the quality of life in our community. The results have been great. Just look at photos of the business district from 15 years ago compared to today.

Fifteen years ago, when deserted by a manufacturing base that employed several hundred of our residents, community leaders chose to attract tourist dollars to keep the local economy viable. The Belterra Resort Casino Resort & Spa has been a prime contributor to local success, proving to be a first class corporate entity by spurring community efforts. Back then my restaurant employed eight people. Today we employ 17. Almost half my business is tourism related.

The Streetscapes Plan, locally developed, is a logical continuation of the efforts started by local visionaries in 1993/94, inspired by an earlier visionary, Mister Paul Ogle. Implementation of the locally developed Streetscapes plan would make your predecessors proud, and help ensure a viable community for the next generation of Vevay-ites.

Kip Meyerhoff

In response

To the Editor:

I’m writing this letter in response to Clinton Carter’s October 7th letter to the editor. I think it’s a shame that our school corporation is not allowing “Halloween Parties” this year (which have been renamed “Harvest Parties.”)

Like Mr. Carter said, it has always been a custom in the schools to dress up, have parties and even a parade. Why take away from the children that want to have a party and dress up? If others don’t believe in Halloween, they don’t have to participate. Is this really a religious view from a group or is it just one person. And did the teachers really vote on this? Com on now, Switzerland County School Corporation, tell us the truth. What’s next – Christmas?

If that’s the case, then I don’t believe our school superintendent should be allowed at election polls all dressed up in a candidate’s tee shirts and handing out political advertisements.

My mother, who passed away a few years ago, loved Halloween. She would make a new costume every year and go to the parade. I congratulate the fire department who I’m sure will have a parade. Also, I wonder if there could be a school parade on the million-dollar blacktop road to nowhere? Of course, a road map would probably be needed.

Roberta Scudder