Letters to the Editor week of 10-13-11



To the Editor:

Norman Peters was a lifelong resident of Switzerland County. On May 16th, 2011, he passed away after a long hard fought battle with cancer. During the last few months of his battle he was in and out of the hospital and spent time at his daughter’s house.

On April 17th, 2011, while he was away from his home it was broken into and many items were stolen. Some of these items included his collection of guns. Norman’s house was located on State Road 250 on top of Patriot Hill.

Even though the police believe they know who was responsible for the act they have been unable to prove it without any evidence. If you know something about the incident, or if you know where any of Norman’s stolen property is located, the family is asking you to please contact the police department.

Thank you.

The Family of Norman Peters

Doctor dilemma

To the Editor:

In response to Betty Griswold’s letter of September 29th: I had no idea Dr. Willage’s office was closing until I read your Letter to the Editor.

I moved back to Vevay from South Bend 15 years ago January. My blood pressure was 200/100 and had been for a long time. My triglycerides were 750 and my legs and knees and elbows were covered with psoriasis.

My doctor thought for my size this blood pressure and triglycerides were completely normal.

I had gone to two skin specialists. The first one put me on a cream that he said was potent and would surely get rid of the psoriasis. Nothing happened. It continued to spread. Then I went to the second skin specialist. He said to get rid of the medicine from the first doctor and sent me all over town looking for coal oil. That was awful. It did nothing but turned my arm black and stinky. What a mess.

Once when I went to work at Hook’s Drugs in South Bend, It was nurses day to check blood pressures. I had the evening shift and they were waiting for me to arrive before they left. When they took my blood pressure, they made me sit down for an hour. When it didn’t go down in an hour, they sent me to my doctor. They wouldn’t let me drive. My son-in-law came and picked me up and drove me to my doctor. He checked my blood pressure and said it was normal for me.

So then I moved back to Vevay and found my way to Dr. Willage’s office. He took my blood pressure 15 years ago January, waited a while and checked it again. Then he had a fit. I explained that this was “normal for me.” This certainly is not “normal for you.”

He had my blood pressure normal very soon. Within a year Dr. Willage had my triglycerides normal, and that awful psoriasis was almost gone. I was amazed.

A few years ago he sent me to a heart doctor who came from Louisville to Madison a day a week. My blood vessels around my heart were bad. He put two stents in right then, thus saving my life.

I am a diabetic. I was a very high diabetic. Most of the time now, I can skip the shots. My readings are 110-129.

Dr. Willage also sends me for a yearly exam with a diabetes eye doctor.

He has made me have a colonoscopy, pap test, and mammogram.

What I’m trying to say is he is not just a doctor – not a good doctor – but a great doctor.

King’s Daughters’ Hospital – What are you thinking?

How can you take our doctor away?

I will not come in your direction for a doctor.

I will go in the opposite direction.

Your monopoly will be just fine without me.

After I wrote my letter I received a bill from King’s Daughters’ Hospital for Dr. Willage’s services from April 30th, 2010 to September 28th, 2011. It almost seems they waited until they were sure they were getting rid of Doctor Willage because they weren’t making money for two years and then sent the bills.

Joan King