Letters to the Editor week of 10-11-07


Reckless driving

To the Editor: 

Monday afternoon, around 5 p.m., two cars came speeding down West Seminary Street. It appeared as if the drivers were playing, racing. The first one, white, was going so fast I was in shock. I was so appalled I screamed. The red car behind you heard me scream I think because it actually slowed down a little and even paused at the stop sign which you ignored. So glad my kids were on the porch. 

Just a few minutes before, the two year old and five year old had been riding their bicycles with their father. What if? 

Would you have been able to stop in time? No. How selfish and thoughtless of you to drive this way. 

I am offended and angered by your disregard for the safety and lives of others. Have you no idea how easily you could kill with your car? You probably know there was no way to see your license plate. I think you should lose your right to drive. How do I get a message to you to think about your actions? I am so infuriated thinking about this, thinking about what would have/could have happened if my children had been near the street. I am so angry that you could have hurt them. 

I am so angry there are drivers like you out there. I pray you will come to your senses and that no one is harmed by your recklessness. 

 Noeline Gullion

Near Vevay