Letters to the Editor week of 1/25/07


EMS services

To the Editor:

At about 6:30 p.m. on Sunday, January 7th, I had a heart attack. I never ever thought that I’d have to make that dreaded 911 call. Where we live we see a lot of the EMS/EMT vehicles going and coming, not thinking much about why, who or what they are responding to. All of that has changed for me as my life has changed and I feel it’s all for the best.

I want to express my deepest appreciation to our EMS/EMT service for what they do and that I’ve been given the chance to thank them for that, so thank you and God bless you all.

Please, if you are in your vehicle and hear or see the EMS vehicle coming, give them the right of way because seconds do count.

Jim and Sharon Ray

Near Vevay

Grave robbing

To the Editor:

This letter is to the person or persons who keep stealing items from my dad’s grave in Vevay. My dad’s name is Raymond Otter. He passed away in May of 2006. My sisters and I have been putting things on the grave throughout the last eight months just to have them taken off and thrown away.

We just recently found personal items in the dumpster at the graveyard. This was not just flowers but items that we spend lots of money for. I do not know why you keep doing this but hope that you will stop and think about how you would feel if someone did this to your loved ones.

If we catch you and if there is anything we can do concerning this matter we will turn you over to the police.

Tammy Otter Walton

Rising Sun


Dear Editor:

There is a station out at East Enterprise, a really neat place to go. They have a room where people bring in things they don’t need any more and other people go in and pick something they can use. I got some heat things there and also some good books.

Now, when you go there . . . oh, I better tell you the name of the place and where it is. It is the Recycling Depot of the Southeastern Indiana Solid Waste District at 19 McCreary Ridge Road in East Enterprise.

So to do some good for the environment and yourself, save each separately: glass (white, green, brown), tin cans, aluminum cans, newspaper, junk mail, magazines, etc. You’ll feel real good about the deposit and that you are doing good to keep these items out of the dumps and into recycling for reuse.

For additional information and hours open, call 534-2040 or 1-800-997-4793.

Bill Wiseman

Near Vevay