Letters to the Editor week of 1-22-09


Animal lover

To the Editor:

With all the problems of getting people to adopt from animal shelters, I could not believe what I read in this week’s paper on adoption costs at our local shelter.

Kittens and cats, $50 to $75? Puppies and dogs, $75 to $100? The average person that I know of can’t afford $50 for a full blooded pedigree kitten, let alone an every day mixed kitten. The really sad part of this new cost, most at the shelter will have to be put down because people won’t be going there to find a pet. If they can scrape up the money in these times, they will go for purebreds at those prices.

I just located and got a full blooded miniature Fox Terrier, three years old – Free. If you read the classified ads in the local papers you can generally find what you are looking for, or even one you never thought about.

The animal shelter is a great thing for our county, no doubt about it, but these fees they have set are going to backfire on them. I know they need money to take in and care for strays and such, and depend a lot on donations. So why not be out there at every opportunity with raffles, bake sales, yard sales, etc? And put a fee on whatever shots are needed and an extra $10 for shelter costs. This might lead to more people adopting from them. Just seems to me someone needs to rethink the adoption fees.

Paula Cloat

Near Moorefield

School board salaries

To the Editor:

Just a comment on the new school board. . . . “The school board also approved leaving their board salaries the same as they were last year.”

Since another monthly meeting is to be added the first Monday of each month, is that another $112 per member, or is this to be a freebie meeting? At $112 per meeting per member, this totals $9,408. Comments from members would be nice.

Also, once again, we have to ask the question. This is considered a part-time job. Why do board members get life, medical, vision and dental insurance, with the cost being picked up by taxpayers? Ask anyone to name one company/corporation who gives benefits such as these to a part-time employee. If just doesn’t happen in today’s world.

Sharon Peelman

East Enterprise