Letters to the Editor week of 1-20-11


In appreciation

To the Editor:

I’d like to use this avenue to say how much I enjoyed working for the people of Switzerland County while in the Auditor’s office. I worked in the office for 12 years and for the last four years I worked for Rachel Schuler, but it was more like working with Rachel. Everyone in the office knew their jobs and did them well and willingly. It was a very pleasant atmosphere and we enjoyed going to work.

When the counties were struggling with all the new state laws and changes, the office worked very hard to get data to the state quickly and correctly so we could meet deadlines and on-time tax billing dates.

We all enjoyed working together and with the public. I got the opportunity to talk with people I didn’t see often. Rachel was great to work for. She knew her job extremely well, which made it much easier for me to do my job.

I will miss all of this but I am thankful to have had the privilege to serve as long as I did.

Janice Ramsey

Girl Scouts busy

To the Editor:

Just wanted to let everyone know some of the great things that Girl Scout Troop 3176 has been working on over the last couple of months. The girls started working on their own troop cookbook, which will be completed sometime in February. They enjoyed a Christmas party with games, snacks, and gifts. Some of the girls baked and packaged cat and dog treats which were donated to the Switzerland County Animal Shelter for Christmas. At the last meeting the girls got a chance to participate in three working activities in which they earned money (beans), and had to spend their money on food, shelter, and clothing. It was amusing to see the girls faces when they realized that they ran out of money before they paid for everything, and how hard it is to follow a job’s requirements. Hopefully a good lesson learned for all. 

The troop would like to thank Michelle Colen who again donated items to the troop at Christmas time.  There were many craft supplies and snacks for the girls.  We are so grateful and have already put our new supplies to good use.  Thanks, Michelle.

Cookie sales are underway. We have several girls selling in all different areas of the county, but if you are not contacted and would like some cookies, please contact Cheri at 594-2778.

The girls have many wonderful things planned in the upcoming months, and we will be sure to let you know what we are doing. Thanks for all of your support.

Troop 3176

Cheri Gilliam, Leader