Letters to the Editor week of 1/18/07


Robbed again

Dear Editor:

Well it has been 16 months, but I was robbed again. Wednesday after I left home at 8 p.m. the hoodlums came into my home and stole my safe and all of the contents – $2,000-plus. At least my home wasn’t ransacked this time. Of course, they know I don’t have any valuables because those were already stolen.

You won’t see this news in the paper. Why not? It is another felony.

The last robbery was solved by a guilty plea. Already out of jail, and no restitution made as of yet – 16 months later.

The robbery before that was also solved by a guilty plea, time served, restitution of $150 paid on a robbery of $6,650.

My question is: “Why me?”

JoAnn Connolly


After school Spanish

Dear Editor:

I’d like to take this opportunity to explain the lack of After School Spanish offerings these past two years. For most of the 11 years we’ve been teaching After School Spanish we’ve gotten the bulk of our funding from the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute. The idea behind this funding is that educational programs outside the regular school hours keep children occupied in a positive way during the times they are most likely to be delinquent. While local second graders seem to be holding up pretty well with or without Spanish class, the habits formed seeking intellectual stimulation rather than stimulation from substances can last a lifetime.

Unfortunately Criminal Justice changed its application process and the grant application has literally been lost in the mail. While we try to straighten this out, the United Fund of Switzerland County has come to the rescue with funding for limited programming at both elementary schools. Many thanks to the United Fund for getting us back on track.

We’d also like to thank both elementary schools for putting up with the extra layer of work and chaos that we bring to them. The principals, teachers, hard-working janitors and school secretaries, Melody Smith and Marilyn Devers, have made the program doable. Muchas gracias otra vez a The United Fund of Switzerland County.

Sarah Brichto

Near Mount Sterling