Letters to the Editor week of 1-15-09


Enough already

To the Editor:

Patrick Lanman’s “To the Point” last week was very familiar to me. I had written a “Letter to the Editor” previously, observing that enough has been spent on infrastructure.

Can you imagine, if we lost the casino unexpectedly or in the near future, what the property taxes would increase to because of increases in spending over the past few years by the county, towns, and schools? Property taxes would become astronomical and renters would be affected also, as landlords would pass part or all of their cost to their renters.

Hurrah to Patrick Lanman. Keep writing on this subject.

Don Witt


False accusations

To the Editor:

I would like to clear up some false accusations about my leaving Posey Fire Department. My wife and I have both been approached by individuals asking us why I was kicked off of the department. I want to set things straight and tell everyone that I was not kicked off, but did resign due to schooling.

I do not appreciate people talking about me when I am not around, and I really do not appreciate them telling others false statements about me. In November I sent Posey Fire Department a letter of resignation. I told them that due to school and other priorities that I would no longer be able to fulfill the requirements written in the bylaws.

In December I received a card from the departments saying that they regretfully accepted my resignation.

Scott Reed


My home

To the Editor:

I’ve just recently made Vevay my home, but I’ve known of this place since my childhood. My grandfather’s name was Philip A. Golay. I lived with my Grandparents Golay from the age of two until I was 10; until they went to the mission fields in 1961. Grandpa was always telling me about Vevay and of his childhood here (like old Huck Finn).

His great-grandfather was Judge Elisha Golay who married the youngest of the Dufour girls, Suzanne Marguerite, in 1806. Theirs was the first marriage here in the new colony.

I just wanted to say how very nice everyone has treated me since I’ve been here and I’m most proud to call Vevay my home. My being here would have made Grandpa so very happy and it’s in his loving memory I’ve made this place my home.

I have many of his stories locked away in my memory of this, his home town, and would like very much to share them in the future.

Your new friend and neighbor:

Jerrold L. Golay