Letters to the Editor week of 1-13-11


School decisions

To the Editor:

Last night was my first “on-the-job” school board meeting. The feasibility report for the sixth grade was explained to the board members and the public. By the way, I didn’t see many people representing the public.

It is my opinion the people of Switzerland County should be aware of what this report recommends as it will affect them. Also, I believe the people of our community should communicate their thoughts and opinions about this decision the board has to make concerning how and where the sixth grade is going to be taught . . . as well as the other grades.

I don’t think a good decision in this matter can be made by the board without the public’s input. Please feel free to contact me if you need/want information concerning this matter. We need your input.

I believe we need to communicate about issues to have the best schools possible for Switzerland County.

Nancy Peters

Craig Township

School Board Member