Letters to the Editor week of 1/11/07


With gratitude

To the Editor:

The residents of Hoosier Boy Square in Rising Sun would like to express our thanks and deepest gratitude to some wonderful people in our community – the Myron Dennis family, including Deidra, Avery, Ashley, Aiden, Myron and Linda Cutter – who spent hours making our residence very festive and beautiful this past Christmas season. Blanche “Bu” Wilder assisted them in their effort.

Many of us are not able to take part in this activity so it made us very happy to have these wonderful people to care enough to do such a beautiful job.

On behalf of the residents of Hoosier Boy Square:

Thelma Dibble

Rising Sun

Theater renovation

Dear Editor:

It has come to our attention that the public is growing concerned over the state of the mural on the side of the Hoosier Theater. We, at the theater, take great pride in it and we feel fortunate that the mural is part of our historic building. The theater, while undergoing many improvements in the past two years, is still in the ongoing process of renovation. We completed the first phase of our renovations in 2005 and are getting ready to begin our second phase. Part of this second step will be to top-coat the mural to aid in its preservation. While we wish that this had been possible earlier, it just wasn’t.

The Hoosier Theater is a non-profit organization and the work we do is done through the generous donations of many organizations, our Friends of the Theater, the patrons and many volunteers. The Community Foundation, United Fund, the Town of Vevay, Belterra Casino Resort & Spa, Friendship State Bank, the Paul Ogle Foundation and Switzerland County Tourism are just some of the organizations that have made it possible to renovate our very old, historic theater. Without their support the ongoing renovation just would not be financially possible. We cannot thank them enough.

Our Friends of the Theater have also made it possible to put on productions and whose support is always appreciated. Many times throughout the year their donations have kept us going. The patrons attending our plays always hear that they “help us keep the lights on” and many times that statement can be taken literally. When we see our seats filled with people laughing or see the smile of a child watching one of our children’s productions, it makes the work we and other volunteers do worth every hour we spend.

In closing, we hope that this letter helps to clarify any confusion over the directors’ part in preserving the mural. We look forward to having it as a landmark for many, many years. We also look forward to seeing the seats filled and bringing many more productions to our community in the years to come.

Jenny Abbott

On behalf of the Board of Directors

Historic Hoosier Theate

Stomp out cancer

To the Editor:

This letter should concern all Switzerland County’s residents. What’s a six letter word that nobody wants to hear? Cancer. Although we would rather not think about it, cancer is a reality for our families, friends and neighbors. The Switzerland County Relay for Life is one way we can work together to save lives. “Relay for Life” is a fun way to fight cancer while celebrating survivorship and those who fought the battle.

You are invited to help us stomp out cancer.

The kick-off is today (Thursday, January 11th) at 5:30 p.m. The meeting location is the Florence Church of Christ. The church building is located at the corner of Fourth Street and Hill Road.

Come and join us to find out how you can help in the fight against cancer.

Roy Duckworth

2007 Relay for Life Chairman




To the Editor:

In the column “To the Point” of December 28th, in one paragraph Pat Lanman states: “Never underestimate Jon Bond’s expertise in economic development.”

I have to ask, where did Jon Bond get this expertise? He is barely over 30 years old and I’ve always heard you get experience and wisdom with age. How much experience does he have at this job? If he had 30 years on the job, I would agree. Has Jon Bond operated a business or held a private sector job? Why do we assume because he works for government he is an expert? Did he take economic development in college? Didn’t he go to law school? These are just my thoughts.

I have to disclose that I do know Jon Bond and his family and I’m not questioning him or his family, just the statement by Pat Lanman of Jon Bond’s expertise.

James Rush