Letters to the Editor week of 09-4-08


Great job

To the Editor:

I would like to take this time and say thank you to whomever was involved in getting those bleachers for the soccer games. They help out so much for the people to watch the games with the handicap ramp and easy access where before some people didn’t come to the games because of having to sit in a chair or stand up. I know the girls soccer team raised money for their warm-ups and game balls. I have heard from numerous students who said it is an inspiration and pride to look over and see those bleachers during the game. Thanks again.

Richard Lay, Sr.

East Enterprise

Bridge help

To the Editor:

 I wish to thank Joe Deck for his generous offer of coming up with a way in partially restoring the bridge at minimum cost and for no cost to the county. The county commissioners should appreciate this. Volunteer work is always a community minded way of doing things if at all possible. I think this is possible, but only if the commissioners will talk to someone and work to help keep the bridge, rather than scrap it. If, by the time this letter is printed, the commissioners are talking with Joe Deck and others, then that’s great.

Thanks to the representative of the Historical Society for your vote of confidence. And thanks to Steve for all your support.

To Joe Leatherbury. I doubt that growing up around your father’s small junkyard would make you an authority on wrought iron bridges. Your assessment of the bridge’s condition tells me that you are indeed not an authority on this issue. Go back to the bridge Joe and look at the superstructure. It is solid. The material you see as having rusted, though, are the stringers. Those are meant to be replaced from time to time.

Harold Scudder

Homer, Michigan