Letters to the Editor week of 09-25-08


Great job

To the Editor:

I want to thank the Jeff-Craig Fire Department for all they did during the power outage last week. Thanks to them, people had something to eat while their power was out. Also, a big thanks to the stores that instead of letting their food go bad, donated it to the fire departments. Although I live in the Moorefield area, my mother lives at Switzer Square and knowing she could get meals took a lot of worry off me. The fire department and their volunteers made sure they checked every apartment and made sure they knew there were free meals available and daily. They even delivered.

 The Moorefield department had a generator running and the doors unlocked, I don’t know what other departments did but am thankful that Jeff-Craig and their volunteer cooks were cooking for those who needed to go there. Here on Vernon Ridge we got our power back on at 8 p.m. Thursday. I stood out in the yard and clapped and yelled a big “Thank you” to the guys from Pike Electric Company when the lights came on. If they are still working in your area, offer them a cold drink, maybe a sandwich, they have been putting in many hours for us. Thank goodness for mutual aid, whether it be fire departments or electric companies from other states or businesses helping each other. This county is great for everyone pulling together in times of need.

 Paula Cloat


Outstanding work

To the Editor:

The Jeff-Craig firemen and their helpers are to be congratulated for their superb job during the storm and loss of electricity on Sunday, September 14th. They were out as soon as the storm hit, helping everywhere they were needed, doing all types of jobs. They checked electric wiring, pulling meters where it was needed. Also they went around town checking on people – all of this besides their normal runs.

A survival shelter was set up in the firehouse for whomever needed it, and they fed hundreds of people every day. Besides this, they took food to people who couldn’t get out. They did their jobs 24 hours a day, nonstop.

This community should be very proud of Jeff-Craig. I don’t know what Vevay would have done without them. We live across the street from the firehouse and we know first-hand how hard they worked.

We should thank God that it was no worse than what it was, that no one was hurt, or more importantly, no one was killed. Above all we should thank God for a fire department that really cares. We especially thank them for our morning coffee that got us going.

Thank you again.

Marvin and Mona Wilson


Need answered

To the Editor:

The residents of Riverbend Apartments and others want to thank the Jeff-Craig Fire Department for delivering meals to them during the crisis when it was needed.

The good Lord works in mysterious ways. Bless you all.

Mary Downing


Great cooperation

To the Editor:

The Switzerland County Animal Shelter would like to thank the Posey Township Fire Department for the use of their generator, all the volunteers who helped last week while we had no power, as well as all of the community members who have donated needed items.

The SCAS would also like to thank Carol Conner for all of her help.

If anyone is missing a pet, be sure to check with us. He or she could be here at the shelter.

Keli Hall

Assistant Animal Control Officer

Switzerland County Animal Shelter