Letters to the Editor week of 09-18-08


Challenging officials

To the Editor

Commissioner Banta has been quoted as saying the Markland bridge is an eyesore. I think perhaps he should have taken a drive around the county before singling out the bridge. The last time I made a mental note of the state of the county, there were lots of dumping sights that were, I’m sure, not deemed legal. In his assessment of the bridge, I’m sure he had to see some of the buildings in Markland that are rather unsightly. I think everyone who reads this would have to agree that old cars, refrigerators, mattresses, etc, thrown down a ravine alongside a county road are much more of an eyesore than a rusty iron bridge. I believe Mr. Banta has been in his present office long enough that he could have had made arrangements as part of his duties to have some of this debris cleaned up.

I have challenged Commissioner Bond to have the county highway crew clean up around the Markland bridge, so why not join me, Mr. Banta, in trying to convince Mr. Bond to do this, given the fact that you are so concerned about the personal appearance of the structure?

Steve Bladen, I applaud you for your last letter. You brought out some really good points. Points that should have been dealt with long ago.

Mike Jones, Chairman of the County Council, I still haven’t received any answers to my questions. A good politician always tries to get back in touch with those who helped put him or her in office. I voted for you years ago, so please don’t shirk your duty. We need to talk.

Harold Scudder

Homer, Michigan

Beautiful ceremony

To the Editor:

On Thursday evening, September 11th, we attended a very moving beautiful ceremony at the Patriot Memorial Park honoring the memory of the victims and survivors of September 11th.

The Town of Patriot has to be commended for all the hard work, and improvements that have been accomplished. The Memorial Park is probably one of t he prettiest in the State of Indiana.

For anyone who hasn’t attended this annual event, please try to do so next year. It is so important we remember this terrible tragedy.

We thank all the members of Patriot Fire Department for their hard work, especially George and Barb Miller.

Jeanette Knaus and Sharon Peelman

East Enterprise

Catastrophic wind

To the Editor:

The future of pecan gathering on the Switzerland County Historical Museum yard was greatly diminished during the catastrophic wind storm that terrorized our community on Sunday afternoon. A pecan tree that for many years had provided cooling shade and bountiful harvests of delicately flavored nuts first hit the roof of the Historical Museum before sliding down the back of the building, removing one chimney and damaging another before landing over the garage of the “Life on the Ohio” River History Museum.

The good news is that there was no interior damage and our stained glass windows were spared, a temporary fix was done to the roof to keep out the weather, and our collection is safe. Volunteers arrived to clean-up the yard and the Town of Vevay crews hauled away masses of branches and debris.

Thank you to Carolyn Hysell, Paula Meyers, Sheila Gault, Mike Schwartz, Chris and Matt Ladd, Angie Ford, Brodus Thompson, Zachary Bladen, and Kyle Johnson for lending a much-needed hand. (Three of these folks I never even met before they showed up to help.) The efficiency of the Town of Vevay workers and the Jeff-Craig Fire Department eased tensions tremendously throughout town, and so much was accomplished by all.

Everyone’s efforts are very much appreciated.

Martha Bladen

Switzerland County Historical Society