Letters to the Editor week of 08-21-08


Flying high

To the Editor:

For the past two years I have gone to the nursing home on Tuesday mornings to sing with the Harmony and Hymn Choir. It is one of the most enjoyable days of my week – to see the residents singing, clapping and flying – yes, flying. Some of them have pretty good wings.

They seem to really enjoy the solos and you can see them singing along with you.

When your health is poor and most of them are confined to a wheelchair or walker to get around it is good to see their smiling faces each week.

If you care to join us our new time is now 9:30-10:30 a.m. Tuesday mornings. If you play an instrument, sing solos or just enjoy good fellowship come on down. You’ll be blessed.

Billie Green

Tapps Ridge.

P.S. If there is any way to preserve the iron bridge at Markland I would hope it is kept there. When old historical places are torn down it leaves nothing for future generations to connect to.

“Here’s the deal”

To the Editor:

Over the past few weeks, the readers of the Vevay newspapers have read different comments and concerns, dealing with saving or demolishing the “old Markland Bridge.” I wrote one of the articles on approximately July 1st, 2008, asking five (5) questions to the Commissioners. The following are the same questions, which I believe the right answer applies. Yes or no.

1. Was anyone with INDOT notified before the decision to demolish the bridge? No.

2. Were any permits obtained, DNR or Army Corps of Engineers? No.

3. Were any public meetings held to discuss saving the bridge? No.

4. Did anyone contact ADCE or Department of the Interior to register the bridge as a National Landmark? No.

5. Did anyone ever think about refurbishing the bridge? No.

Okay, if there is any other answers to the above, please feel free to let the readers know. We all know the Commissioners awarded a contract to Fred McAlister for $21,000+ to demolish the bridge. At that time no one gave thought to the value of the bridge, just a piece of scrap to the McAlisters. After reading all of the articles and concerns about the bridge they should reason and abolish their contract. Someone made the comment that the bridge is no longer usable, but is still in the county’s “Bridge Book” – Bridge 49.

Another question to the Commissioners is: What if it was usable? Foot traffic only. No charge to the county or taxpayers. After talking to Commissioner Craig Bond around the end of July, I found out several things:

1. His wife’s (my favorite banker) illness. “Get well quick, Linda.”

2. About our bordering country’s migrant workers being on the bridge, and concerns with his mother-in-law. “Decision made to remove bridge” unless other reason applies. Please make comment if so.

3. He felt the bridge could be saved, but could not remain in Markland. Why not?

With a little help from our Army Corps of Engineers and D.N.R. offices, I believe we’ve bought a little stay of execution from the scrap yard. Now down to the “deal.”

I’ve made several trips to the bridge and have talked to several people who want to save the bridge. However, it’s just been talk.

My deal is to the Commissioners of Switzerland County. To replace all stringer beams and new wood floor at no charge.

Terms of Agreement:

1. All materials will be purchased with special grants, fundraisers, etc. No county monies.

2. I will donate all labor, free of charge, to perform said work. (A crane may be needed, C.B.)

3. No engineering fees required.

4. Signs and fencing will be installed until work is completed.

5. Access will be required at both ends of the bridge.

6. Scrap steel could be given to McAlister’s, since they did not perform contract.

7. Connections would be carefully inspected, and rivets replaced (high strength bolts only).

8. Work would hopefully be performed by March, 2009.

9. Bridge would stay in present location, open for bike path, foot path, and be registered as National Landmark. Bronze markers at each end of bridge.

10. I believe this is an excellent idea and everyone, with common sense, should agree. I will need a lot of help from all of the tree huggers, who say they care. (Remember our kids and grandkids).

Thanks to all.

Joe Deck

Near Vevay

7. Connections would be carefully inspected, and rivets replaced, high strength