Letters to the Editor week of 08-07-08


Great YMCA

Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter to let the community know how much the YMCA and its employees have affected my life.

Since my husband passed a few years ago, I found myself alone, bored and sedentary. With my arthritis, knee and back problems, it became harder just to get up and move. My daughter suggested that I join the YMCA.

Since I have joined the water aerobics and ride the NUSTEP bike, I feel better and enjoy getting up to go to the YMCA. The employees make my time there so enjoyable.

I am 82 years old and have some trouble walking without assistance, but the staff will watch for me during bad weather in order to come out and help me in. They also make sure the bubbles are turned on in the pool for me and the folks upstairs assist me with the bike. I also enjoy meeting new people and the conversations that w e have.

I would like to say a special thanks to Tracy, Denise, Kaulene, Eric, Larry, and others. I would also like to send a good luck wish to Joyce and Kyle.

Margie Whitham

East Enterprise

Outstanding job

To the Editor:

The restoration of the Grisard building at the corner of Main and Ferry streets in Vevay is impressive. The tourism board should be commended for its courageous decision to buy and restore one of the earliest commercial buildings in Vevay. It was built in about 1835 by Frederick Grisard, a blacksmith and mechanic. He established a hardware and dry goods business here and also traded in produce. He and his wife Zelie raised seven children.

A recent event, sponsored by Historic Landmarks Foundation’s southern regional office, brought together about 100 people for a picnic supper on the main floor of the Grisard building. Life and energy were abundant that evening. Quilts decorated the walls, and people from all over the state were visiting and enjoying themselves. Poster displays were mounted showing the before and after versions of our historic Main Street. David Attaway, Tourism Director, gave a talk about the overall effort to revive our downtown.

Herschel Brichto and his experienced crew have done an outstanding job of exterior restoration. Architecturally the Grisard building is a classic example of the Federal Style, which is characterized by simple but elegant proportions, box-like exteriors and roofs, and large but narrow multi-paned windows. “Because the style was popular early in Indiana’s history (c1810-1840) most examples are located in southern Indiana, especially near navigable waterways and early roads.”

The whole of the Main Street district is alive now with colorful buildings, and viable businesses. First Friday is a popular event. This is not only for attracting tourists. It’s especially for creating an enjoyable and interesting place to live and work. Visitors add interest and new energy to the mix. The economic benefits are substantial. All of the organizations and individuals who are working hard to make this effort successful should be appreciated and thanked.

Ann Farnsley


Preserve the bridge

To the Editor:

How many years have passed since the bridge at Markland was used?

How did it suddenly come to the top of the agenda at a County Commissioners’ meeting?

Who has anything to gain from destroying this bridge?

Did the bride suddenly become a liability?

From every article that I have read and every discussion I have heard, it seems like it is going to cost more to have the bridge removed than having it repaired.

Why not let the historic committee meet with Historic Landmarks and work out a solution to preserve the bridge in a reasonable time?

Preserve the bridge, let it be used for a bike trail or for pedestrian traffic. Keep it in Switzerland County, in Markland, where it is home.

I also have a question for the County Council.

Reference: November 2nd, 2006, Vevay Reveille-Enterprise front page. County Council approves plan to create Markland Business Park in 4-3 vote.

Two of three men voting no stated that they were not opposed to the project. They were opposed to the price of the land. One was not clear about the riverboat money – how it was being spent.

There was one county commissioner in attendance who told the council that the commissioners are unanimous in their support of the project.

My question: What happened to the two companies that were coming back for a second look?

Frances C. Miller

Near Vevay