Letters to the Editor week of 07-17-08


Apologies and thanks

To the Editor:

 This is a letter to Commissioner Craig Bond and the letter serves a dual purpose. One for apologizing and the other for saying, thank you. In my letter of July 10th concerning the Markland bridge, I wrote that one of the commissioners did not attend a meeting when he more than likely knew the people attempting to save the bridge were to have a representative present. That commissioner was Craig Bond. I later learned the reason for his absence. Craig’s wife Linda was ill and had been admitted to a hospital. So to Craig and Linda, please accept my apology. I wrote of your absence from the meeting to make a point to the public. My intentions were good, my timing was terrible. Since I made the blunder publicly, I feel I should make my apology publicly.

 Now for the other reason for writing to you Craig. I was overjoyed when I received an email stating that you would be in a meeting with one of our representatives to discuss this issue and also Mr. McAllister would be present to hear our concerns. We needed the time to allow us to find a workable solution that would benefit both sides of the issue. To this action I say, thank you very much. And to the folks who spent a lot of hours working toward this proposed meeting, thank you, also. To the concerned residents, who made phone calls, wrote letters, talked to friends and neighbors about the old bridge, you also deserve a big thank you. Thank you to Mr. McAllister for meeting with our man on July 18th and discussing this issue.

 This meeting may or may not allow us to keep our old bridge, but at least you people will be talking and that’s what we were asking for all along.

 Harold Scudder

Homer, Michigan

Small world

To the Editor:

I have been gone 66 years but I still enjoy reading about Vevay.

I had an interesting, to me, “It’s-a-small-world” experience recently. The air conditioner man came for the annual checkup. In our conversation I told him I was from Switzerland County. He said he had relatives who had a home t here, and his grandfather was Clydie Skirvin. I asked if he played the fiddle and he said “yes.”

I told him my experience. In November, 1941, we moved to the Center Square area. Soon Ed Ackerman would meet me at the grocery with his mandolin and I would bring my guitar. The owner of the store would get out his harmonica and join in.

One night a man came in and asked if we would be t here for a while. He went home and came back with his fiddle. He was really good. That was Clydie Skirvin, the air conditioner man’s grandfather.

He asked me if I would play at the square dance in Vevay with him. There was another guitar, and Dean Adams with his banjo. Each Saturday until I graduated and left I would work, moving rocks up to the rock crusher for eight hours and earn $ 2.50. Then I would play at the square dance from 8 to midnight and earn $2.50 more. I was in the bucks.

Sometimes, it is a small world.

Harold Shadday


(formerly of Switzerland County)

In support

To the Editor:

This letter is in support of the old Markland Bridge. As in other letters in support of the bridge, I don’t want to sound repetitive but this bridge was built in 1882. This is the only bridge of its kind in the county. There are too many structures of historical value being torn down. For a county that promotes itself as being historical and a tourist attraction, we sure like to tear down.

Yes, I would agree in some cases that may be best. But in my understanding of the bridge’s fate it is because of liability. This bridge was closed to traffic in 1975. That’s 33 years ago. So in the last five or six weeks, its, “hey guys this thing has got to come down.” This is in no way a slam against the current commissioners.

In 33 years there have been several who have held that office, and no action on the bridge. This bridge is eligible for the National Registry of historic places. So my request is to let our local historical society, along with the state and/or possibly the national society see if they can work on this together and find a solution to satisfy all sides.

David Scudder