Letters to the Editor week of 02-28-08


Commissioners’ decision

To the Editor:

The County Commissioners made their decision. There will be a concrete plant just west of Tapps Ridge that will enter and exit onto 156.

According to last week’s paper, people on both sides of the issue attended the meeting to express their concerns. Not mentioned was the petition with over 100 signatures, mostly those living along Tapps Ridge and Plum Creek Roads, stating their opposition to the zoning change that would change the land from forest and recreation to industrial. They were concerned with the effect such a change would have on their property values, in addition to safety and health issues.

This all brings to mind an equally contentious zoning situation in June of 2003, when the zoning change requested would have allowed for a business (an Amish family wanted to start a business selling bulk foods, and handmade furniture) in a residential area, yet on a farm in the country.

As reported in the Vevay newspapers, the residents of Mount Sterling expressed the following concerns: “The thing that upsets people out there is any business of any kind coming in. Most of us bought our land because of the quiet atmosphere of our community, and we don’t want that to change.” “Some residents told the commissioners that they feared that changing the zoning to general business would hurt their property values in the long run, and one resident suggested that the area could turn into another Madison hilltop.”

To further quote from the same newspaper article: “If the people are against the business, then I think we have to look closely at this.” Craig Bond told his fellow commissioners. “I’m like Craigy,” K.C. Banta said. “The masses voted me in here and I’m going to go with the masses.”

The landowners prevailed, no zoning change was made, no Amish store in Mount Sterling.

The property owners along Tapps Ridge and Plum Creek didn’t fare so well. Why were the masses so under-served this time?

I wish we’d had a chance for an Amish store in our neighborhood.

Martha Bladen

Tapps Ridge Road

Something is wrong

To the Editor:

I wonder what is wrong with the fire companies and life squads. They call for everyone except Patriot and Posey units.

We had a life squad out here at Posey Firehouse. You took it away and we need it. Now we have to wait for Vevay to get here.

I think you people had better grow up and stop acting like a bunch of kids. I think you know who the people are. Certain people run the show.

Betty Stogsdill

Quercus Grove

Great job

To the Editor:

We are writing this letter to commend the men of the County Highway Department. They are doing a tremendous job on the county roads.

They worked from early Friday morning until 7 or later that night, doing the best job they could do for the conditions that the roads were in. They started out again at 6 or 7 Saturday morning. The roads had re-frozen overnight. The re-freezing of the roads made it difficult to do anything to some roads so they put down cinders and did what they could. They were back out on Sunday afternoon working on the roads.

Instead of staying home off the icy roads some people got out and went to the gas station to drink coffee and complain about the way the men were doing their jobs. The people that were doing the complaining might not have gotten out if it weren’t for the county highway men doing their job.

Some people don’t realize the danger of some of the hills and the danger that the drivers take when they have to back down some of the steep hills to put cinders on them.

Some people slid off the roads and these county highway department men were there to help them get back on the road.

People should stay off the roads when they are bad, unless it is an emergency, and let these men do their job.

We just wanted to let you men know that we think you are doing a great job with what you have to work with and the conditions of the roads.

Paul and Bev Curlin

Tapps Ridge