Letters to the Editor week of 02-21-08



To the Editor:

William Walter’s letter to the editor of February 7th makes a good point with regard to ordinances in effect but not enforced. Specifically he was referring to a Switzerland County ordinance making it unlawful for dogs to run at large.

Pat Lanman’s editorial in last week’s paper points out the loss to Switzerland County if the Indiana Legislature fails to follow through on passing legislation that would allow Switzerland County to have its own prosecutor and judge.

Any law enforcement officer’s ability to effectively enforce the law is directly related to the willingness of the prosecutor and court system to follow up. It is important that Switzerland County residents have the ability to elect local persons who would run for election to these positions. Candidates for prosecutor and judge can be asked their positions not only on obvious criminal prosecution, but on local issues such as Mr. Walter’s, as well, before an election.

It should be in the interest of all of us that the funding and legislation be put back in the bill for a Switzerland County court system.

Jane Osborne