Letters to the Editor week of 01-03-08


Thanks and goodbye

To the Community:

It has been my pleasure and sincere honor to serve this community as superintendent of schools.

Thank you.

Coming home to Switzerland County for a second time was an experience that I shall never forget and one which I will always treasure.  Many times I had to pinch myself to believe that I was fortunate enough to come back to my home school district to be superintendent of schools.

I truly enjoyed being back home again.

Switzerland County is indeed a special place. I am grateful to my father, Lloyd Caddell, for his love, and our time together these past 6 1/2-years; and to my central office staff for their dedication to children in our county.

I would appreciate your prayers as I moved forward and for our school system as it transitions to new leadership and a fresh beginning. Best wishes from my family to yours in the coming year. 

 God bless,

Tracy Caddell, Ed.D

Switzerland County School Superintendent

Team play?

Dear Editor:

I am a parent who is concerned about the coaching methods of the Switzerland County High School girls basketball teams’ coaches.

The coaches say its a team sport when it comes to playing time; but you’ve got players who sit on the bench the whole game and never get to play the game.

Is this “team playing” – as they call it?

It’s sad when the coaches tell players they’re “not good enough” or “have enough playing time,” but they are the ones who don’t play them.

Or they move a player to the ‘C’ team; and then have parents yell at them because there is an upperclassmen playing.

But, in turn, the coaches bring up players from the ‘C’ team and play them and not the upperclassmen, and this is okay. But when a parent speaks up, they kick the child off of the team.

I guess it is true: if you don’t have a name in this county, you’re a nobody.

Ryan Gaylord,

Near Vevay