Letters to the Editor 9-28-17


EMS update

To The Editor:

It has been a while since I have stopped to chat with you. I wanted to let you know a little bit about what is happening in the County EMS department. We are 17 months into existence and the department is solidly marching forward making a great, dependable safety system for the county residents and visitors.

This past quarter, we started a heavy education push, starting with basics and moving toward advanced procedures and protocols. Some of the staff is new to the field and some have been around a while. All can use the review on basics and it is good to see the staff working together, building training teams and helping everyone to become skilled beyond proficiency. New EMTs are increasing numbers of responders in the county to pull the first response units or to pull the ambulances straight out from the community that the patient lives in – in order to speed up the response, treatment and transport times. We have planned for, and are looking forward to additional avenues to care for those patients in more remote areas of our county.

We are currently applying for and beginning a training institution to give an avenue of cost effective training and certification for some of the additional staff. Several county residents have seen this growth and have asked how they can help. If you are someone who would like to help out with the emergency services, here are some of the ways that we need help right now. We are looking for those who would like to serve the county as EMTs, Paramedics, First Responders, Drivers, and representatives to LEPC, the Switzerland County Drug Free Coalition, and the CERT (Citizens Emergency Response Team).

If you would like to help but do not have the ability to come out or take the time necessary for training, perhaps you could help out in other, more quiet, but yet so needed areas. We have a shortage of linens, sheets, pillow cases, washcloths and towels. In years past a squad crew would drop off a patient at the hospital and the hospital would do a 1 for 1 replacement of the sheet, pillow cases, towels etcetera that were used. With the ever growing cost of living, the hospitals have not been able to afford that opportunity to the squad crews. We have our own linens, but when a very sick or broken patient is taken to the emergency department, we may lift the patient to the bed and because of the patient’s condition, we will leave our sheets and pillow cases under the patient. Needless to say, we are losing linens under our patients as we cannot replace them at some of the hospitals.

Last week my sister, who was cleaning some things out from my parent’s belongings, brought a bag of bed linens. She asked if I could use any of them or she would donate them to a charity. I realized at that time, that was our answer. We need a sheet drive of clean used sheets that still have enough strength to lift a patient from the stretcher to the hospital bed. I told her that her timing was excellent and that we needed them for EMS. She reminded me that some were from the children’s room and had Disney characters on them. How exciting to see what print, pastel or character might adorn your stretcher mattress in your time of need. The cost of sheets for run volume that we have could easily run $2000 per year. A donated Disney princess, pink roses, or a sheet of a cool mint green field is a welcome sight knowing that we will keep the department finances for medical supplies rather in linens that we will eventually lose with a bad call. We will refer to it as a Sheet Drive, and if you would happen to have any old but still usable sheets, please let us know. We can use any size, from twin up as we can cut them to size or tuck them in.

Another area that we could use that silent, not so much in the public eye, person is in education for county residents in CPR, AED and First Aid. Five people from the county have asked if we teach CPR Instructor classes. This is an area they would like to support in their community. You don’t need to be a medical professional to become a CPR Instructor, just a desire to help save lives during someone’s worst day. Most classes have 6 or less people in them, or they add additional Instructors so no one is overwhelmed. The training is very minimal, but the benefits are immeasurable. To know that you have touched enough people with a life saving skill and that they are using it to save others is great. In our county, we are so spread out that having a rescuer to a non-breathing person within 3 to 5 minutes can be impossible. The best chance that these patients suffering with sudden cardiac arrest have is the person standing next to them in the store, the family member at the dinner table, the neighbor mowing the grass by the road. These are examples of life savers, normal everyday people who took a couple of hours from their busy schedule to learn how to sustain a person until emergency squads arrive. To see and speak with a sudden cardiac arrest survivor is an overwhelming experience. It is talking to a miracle.

If you would like to join the other five people in the county who want to learn CPR, please contact us. The classes are few and we want to assure that we can have everyone interested, able to attend.

As you can see from my occasional updates, EMS is active and growing in your county. We are so grateful to each of you for your support and your trust in the service to care for you during your time of need. We still have areas that we are working on, but with your support, I know that we can provide excellent public safety for everyone in our county. Won’t you please consider being part of this mission? If you can help, please give me a call at the number below.

Thank you for your time in reviewing this letter and for your thoughtful consideration to the message.


Nadine J. Swift,

EMS Director,

Switzerland County Emergency Response

513-615-3478, 812-226-6073


Anthem thoughts

To the Editor:

All sports players: what a pathetic bunch of overpaid, babied adults. The NFL has a rule on the National Anthem: the players are supposed to stand, helmet in hand, face the flag which the National Anthem is being played. It’s part of their contract.

One veteran on Pittsburgh’s team did come out and stood for the Anthem.

And, like usual, this same bunch says it’s racist. I say to that bunch, get loaded up on buses, go to Chicago, walk the bad streets, and see who gets shot.

Tom Brady says Trump is divisive. Go tell that to veterans with limbs missing. They will tell you where to go in a heartbeat.

Ron Shaffer,


Best A.D. in the state

To The Editor:

I am writing this letter to express my thanks to one of our communities and school districts hidden gems.

This year I was hired as head coach of our Lady Pacers varsity soccer team. Two years prior to this I worked as an assistant.

The time and effort put in to coaching can be tireless at times and a true support system is needed whether it be parents, assistant coaches or school administrators.

Being a new high school head coach I wasn’t sure what to expect. The administrative duties that go along with other duties is not something I ever liked. This was all new to me and David Todd made this transition for me so easy. Always open to giving advice or suggestions that will benefit the kids and team.

Yesterday (Saturday, September 23rd), we hosted our first ever Lady Pacers Invitational tournament. My plans were to show up early at 7:45 a.m. to prepare field, etc. I pulled in, and there was David beating me to the field to have things ready for our 9 a.m. start.

This has been the norm for Mr. Todd all season long. How refreshing it is to know I can call David day or night with a simple or complex question and he will always take my calls, answer texts or emails.

I have gotten an inside look at how much the kids, school and community mean to David and his love for them runs very deep.

I used to coach at Lawrenceburg High School and worked for two different athletic directors in my short time there. While I had great respect for those two individuals and their dedication David stands out to me as the best.

How many A.D.’s do you see being a ball boy at home soccer games? I’ve only seen one in my years of being involved and that A.D. makes his home in Switzerland County.

Kudos David – and you will always be the best in the State of Indiana to me!


Tully Anderson,

near Markland