Letters to the Editor 9-22-16


To the Editor:

With only a few weeks before election day, I feel compelled to write a Letter to the Editor.

Being a somewhat normal American male and never missing the chance to vote on election day; and having a 50-year working career (now retired); I never made it to the top 10-percent of earners through all my working years, but I always managed to stay in the middle.

However, I was always told that you will never make the mark being liberal. Well, this may be true to many, but to this Democrat here is the truth: most all voters are ‘Rednecks’ during an election year. Some are rich and some are poor. Conservatives. Liberals. Independents and any other party.

Just the other day at a Trump Rally a Redneck sucker-punched a protester because he said something about Trump that the man didn’t like. At the next rally, Trump told a protester to “Go home to mommy”, but then he shouted: “Throw the Bum out. We don’t need his kind.”

Wow, reminds me of last week when driving on Dixie Highway in Florence, Kentucky. An old Willys Jeep with a 4×8-foot Confederate Flag tied to the back of it that said, “Don’t Tread On Me” pulled into a UDF where I was getting gas and pulled up to the gas pump next to me. Then I also noticed he had a Trump bumper sticker, so I said to him, “I see you’re a Trump supporter, so you are probably voting a conservative ticket this year, right?”

He hollered back at me, “I don’t know about all that stuff. All I know is I’m gonna vote for Trump because he’s gonna make this country great again.”

I said, “Wow, maybe then you’ll get a new Jeep.”

He said, “You’re right on there, Mister”, and sped on down Dixie.

When I got home in my car, I had to take my truck to a private garage to get some work done on it. When I pulled into his driveway, I saw the Trump poster staked in his yard and I thought, “What’s he gonna think about these two bumper stickers of mine?” One says “Hillary for America” and the other says “Dump Trump”. Well, I left the truck for the repair and went back two days later to pick it up. I paid him and thanked him for the work and drove back to the farm.

I got out and walked around in back of the truck only to find he covered my stickers with green tape. I’m glad I wasn’t at a Trump rally, they may have set it on fire.

Now, I don’t hold any hard feelings towards my Redneck mechanic, because I’m a Redneck Democrat – so I know where he’s coming from. After all, I haven’t got any bad Trump stickers on my care because I go to a Republican church and I like to be spoken to.

So this is where the regulars come in.

When the election is over and the winners take over in January, then the Rednecks in both parties have to take the advice of ‘Earl Pitts, American’, on the old Gary Burbank radio show when he said, “You know what makes me sick? It’s when the politicians and voters lose a race and can’t get over it. Heck, there’s always a loser when there’s a winner. So you have to suck it up, sucker, and if you lost your vote, get over it; and if you won your vote, then get with it. Wake up, America! Pitts, off.”

I loved that Gary Burbank, but now looking forward to 2017 and becoming a regular again. Thank you, voters. ‘Bob Off.”

Bob Schneider,