Letters to the Editor 9-19-13


Great help

To the Editor:

Saturday morning I went to Vevay Cemetery to visit my son’s grave. I tripped and fell, hitting my head on the stone. It was bleeding profusely. I drove to the EMT building. The doors were locked. I proceeded to the fire department. No one was there.

I saw three women on the sidewalk and asked them to call 911 for me. My face and clothes were covered in blood – still bleeding.

The three angels came to my rescue – called the ambulance, which was there in five minutes, called my family and parked my car in a safe place and locked it. Sorry I did not get anyone’s name so I could thank them personally.

Several EMTs came to my rescue. I was on my way to Madison emergency in minutes. Vevay should be very proud of the EMT group. My care was done very efficiently. May God bless you all. Thanks again.

Nona Adams