Letters to the Editor 9-1-16


Added charges

To the Editor:

I received my Duke power bill this week. Quite the shell shock, per Dukes KWH fees I used $54 worth of power but my bill was for $101.

I contacted Duke and after three phone calls I got them to email me an itemized bill. I also set it up where my bill comes itemized every month. Duke does this only upon request. Along with the $54 in electricity used there were $40 in surcharges and $7 in taxes. These surcharges are recurring, but fluctuate depending on power usage.

Duke, as a general practice, does not mail out itemized bills. Their claim is that itemized bills would be to confusing for the customer. Huh?

I strongly recommend everybody call Duke and request that their bill be sent to them itemized. This way everybody can see just exactly how things operate, and you would be amazed and angry.

Most of these surcharges are EPA, federally, or state mandated. Remember Obama’s public statement prior to getting elected, “Under my plan, energy cost will necessarily skyrocket.”

Well, here’s your sign.

One of the surcharges is worded by Duke saying “connection fee”. This is a monthly recurring charge. I only remember them connecting me once.

I called Vevay City Hall to query about power delivery. We talked for a few minutes. She explained Vevay had a municipal power company in the 60’s but did away with it because it became cheaper for the consumer to bring in an outside provider. Maybe it’s time to do a study to realize which way and what would be less expensive.

I then contacted our state representative Randy Frye, who then contacted Duke in Indianapolis, who then contacted me. We had a couple of lengthy conversations. It was explained to me that one of these four or five letter entities within the state government are the ones who set what charges can or cannot be passed on to the consumer. I’m not sure that this four or five letter bureaucracy has the Hoosier’s pocket book in mind, or that they ever care.

Duke, not unlike many large corporations these days, have taken on the mantra, “we will take your money through deceit and half truths because we are big and powerful, rather than explaining the whole truth because we are too stupid.”

The Government, whether it be city, county, state, or federal will continue tacking on surcharges, fees, and/or taxes because they follow the mantra that we little people are stupid and they know better what to do with our money.

The outcome of all these long conversations, phone calls, and emails. Americans are going to continue to be abused by government and large corporations until we say enough is enough. These abusers can only put so much water into a balloon before it bursts and makes a mess.

In the ‘For what its worth department’: My inquiring mind wants to know, so I’m having friends who are Duke customers from all over the state email me itemized bills to compare KWH charges and surcharges and how they are worded.

Gregory Fockler,