Letters to the Editor 8-30-12


Festival woes

Dear Editor:

For me, the Swiss Wine Festival Parade is always the highlight of Vevay’s annual event. The turnout of our citizens, the floats and bands, even the politicians are a pleasure to see. But surely it is the annual display of courage of Doc Findley, Edsel Detraz and John Crawford that keeps us all coming back year after year. Hopefully, now that they have a sponsor, the sponsor will insist on a little more decorum in their sashay down Main. Or not.

And so it is with great regret I find myself complaining about this year’s Swiss Wine Festival. Perhaps I’m just a little cranky due to a lack of sleep caused by the amplified Rock-a-Billy music that continues reverberating in my head as if I were still standing in Paul Ogle Park. Perhaps it was the drunk who thought my front yard needed some Kentucky lawn art to make him feel at home. Imagine his shock when he drove off at dawn in that old pickup truck, the light of day revealing it wasn’t Kentucky anymore. I’m sure he’s still looking for Markland Dam.

But it probably wasn’t the lawn art, or the lingering beat of the bass. No, it has to be the vandalism done to the flowerpots in front of my restaurant, and the trash littered sidewalks of the downtown that greeted me on my Sunday morning stroll around Vevay that has put me over the edge. Maybe the festival committee might consider my rants when critiquing this year’s event. Then, too, there’s the question of what to do with Doc’s pasty-white legs. . . .

Kip Meyerhoff


Heart facts

To the Editor:

Every day, your heart beats about 100,000 times, sending 2,000 gallons of blood surging through your body.

Although it’s no bigger than your fist, it has the job of keeping blood flowing through 60,000 miles of blood vessels that feed your body.

A woman’s heart is smaller than a man’s. There are 500,000 women who suffer from heart attacks each year. The number for men is a little less but still remains as significant.

Today, health experts have proof that laughter sends 20 percent more blood flowing through your entire body.

You, as studies show, are more than likely to have a heart attack on a Monday, and in the morning hours. That’s why it is important to reduce stress as much as you can, in any way that you can. Some examples are, exercise, deep breaths and more quality time with your family.

So as you go on with your day, remember these simple facts to a healthier heart.

And – remember to laugh.

Pamela Rickett

Near Moorefield