Letters to the Editor 8-29-13


Great book

As part of the upcoming Bicentennial celebration, the book “Follow the River” by James Alexander Thom, is available to read through the Switzerland County Public Library. I have wanted to participate in some of the things leading up to the celebration in October, but so far, hadn’t been able to work things out so I could attend any of the lectures, demonstrations, etc…so, I decided I could read the book.

I went to the library and picked up a copy, and began. I almost quit reading after the first few pages, but read the biography on Mary Ingles which they had available at the library, and decided I had to find out more about this pioneer woman, so kept at it. I am so glad I did…this is a wonderful book.

The author made Mary come alive, made you feel what was going on with her, made it real. I truly enjoyed this book, and would encourage everyone to read it. It makes the history of our area so much more real. I truly hope that I can come to the theater to the discussion later on this year. Please go to the library and check out your copy today.

 Barb Lucas

Near Moorefield