Letters to the Editor 8-18-16


Media bias

To the Editor:

After watching CBS This Morning, the media is filtering the news they don’t want you to hear.

They brought up Paul Manifort and ‘maybe’ ties to Russia/Ukraine receiving cash – with no proof at all. They should call the ‘New York Times’ the “Rumor Newspaper” – poor journalism at best.

Now what they didn’t want you to hear on CBS: In April, Hillary called Donald Trump a “Sergeant for ISIS”; but what they did tell you was that Trump promotes ISIS.

So when Trump said Obama and Hillary ‘founded ISIS’, they fell to pieces.

It was sarcasm. I knew it when he said it. But ISIS -or ISIL, as Obama calls it – did come to be under their watch.

Obama stuck his foot in his mouth when he called ISIL the ‘JV team’.

And CBS did not mention notes of emails being turned over to Congress starting this past weekend. The Clintons tried to stop this, but a Federal Judge ruled against the Clintons.

And last – for the people who don’t like Trump’s tone: You people need to YouTube the beheadings by ISIS. Don’t look, but listen to the victims, some Americans, as a butcher slowly beheads them. We need a tough and strong tone.

Listen to Hillary’s tone about emails. She won’t look straight ahead, just left to right. That’s the first sign of deceit. Ask any law enforcement officer.

It’s been since December of 2015 since she had a news conference. Can’t wait until the debates. She won’t be able to hide. Can she face the camera straight on?

By the way, she already has said she is going to raise taxes. That’s a real good start.

Just on the news: “Chinese imports up”. Just great.

Watch Fox News for the true story.


Ron Shaffer,