Letters to the Editor 7-2-15



As all of you know Vevay has suffered from numerous power outages in the past year. Some of the power outages extended for long periods of time. As a result the citizens of Vevay have suffered personally and some financially.

The latest power outage occurred on Thursday, June 18th and continued for approximately 22 hours. Upon being aware of the outage I contacted Duke Energy and stayed in contact with Duke until the power was restored. I arrived in Vevay around 4 p.m. and was taken to the site of the power outage by Fire Chief Chris See.

The area where the power line was affected was very remote and difficult to access. Duke Energy had several tree trimming crews and line crews on the scene and were in the process of removing a large tree from the power line. Upon removal of the tree the power was restored.

As a result I’ve requested the following from Duke Energy.

1. Provide a report to myself and the citizens of Vevay outlining the number of power outages, duration, and cause over the past two years.

2. Provide an action plan designed to limit the number of outages and the duration of outages in the future.

3. Provide a time frame for implementation of the action plan and an estimated completion date.

4. Research an alternative power source to feed Vevay with electric service in the event the power line coming from Madison experiences another outage.

Upon receipt of this report I will host a town hall meeting in Vevay along with representatives from Duke Energy to explain the plan and take questions from Vevay residents. I expect the report to be available by the middle of July. As soon as the report becomes available I’ll let each of you know.

Thank you,

State Representative Randy Frye