Letters to the Editor 7-19-12


Small town

To the Editor:

I would like to respond to Ms. Curry’s letter about Oreo.

I for one like small backward, redneck towns.

More damage is done by people like Ms. Curry, who doesn’t live in Patriot. If that is the only law broken by a small town, to let a little dog run free, I say, Praise the Lord.

Priscilla Probst


Generous donations

To the Editor:

Recently the Switzerland County Y was the recipient of two generous donations from the Community Foundation of Switzerland County and the Jefferson Township Trustee. These gifts were given so the Y would be able to install automatic handicap door openers at the entrance doors. The Switzerland County Y would like to thank the Community Foundation of Switzerland County and the Jefferson Township Trustee for their caring support. 

The door openers make the facility accessible for all. In February of this year Y members and the community showed a great understanding by giving donations at a pancake breakfast held at the Y to support this vision of installing automatic door openers. 

With these donations this upgrade makes it possible for the Y to remove barriers from groups of people with different impairments. There was no doubt that the need was huge, but the positive response to this upgrade for the entrance doors from our members has been overwhelming. 

This upgrade came at a wonderful time for the Y, in January of this year the Y collaborated with the SilverSneakers program. Many of the SilverSneakers members are adults age 65 or older. As a SilverSneakers member, you receive a basic fitness center membership at participating SilverSneakers fitness centers anywhere in the country. Contact your health plan or Medicare Supplement carrier about SilverSneakers or log on to http://www.silversneakers.com/ .

Thank you again for your compassionate support. With warm regards,

Tracey McFarland and the Switzerland County Y

SCEMS thanks you

To the Editor:

VSCF, Belterra, Butternut, BP, CVS, Shell gas station and the Community.

Switzerland County EMS would like to put a big thank you out there to greatly appreciated help so far this year.

SCEMS would like to thank Vevay-Switzerland County Foundation, Inc., for granting us the funds to purchase two new computers and scanners to use in the back of the ambulances. These computers were very much needed to be replaced. We use these computers to communicate vital information with the hospital about the patient and we use them for billing. Using the paperless method not only of course saves trees but it also helps with a fast turnover in billing. We were also given the money to purchase more back boards, another life saving piece of equipment. Again, thank you VSCF for your support in providing us the ability to keep saving lives.

SCEMS thanks Belterra, BP{, Shell gas station, CVS, and Butternut for helping us feed the community during EMS week. It was a great day breaking bread with our community and listening to the great compliments they gave us about being there in their time of need. Thanks for a great day.

SCEMS thanks Froggy radio for teaming up with us to save lives. This year we have started together doing a blood drive. This year 51 lives were saved from community members donating blood. We will be continuing to team up with Froggy radio to do more blood drives throughout the year. Listen to Froggy for details.

Last but not least, we would like to thank the community as a whole. Without your support we would not be able to do what we do. Understanding that sometimes those loud and honestly probably sometimes annoying sirens are on for the sake of someone in need. Your generosity, donations and knowing that you care about us and support us, gives us the strength to face what most people fear. Thank you again. We could not do it without any of you.

Randy See, Director

Switzerland County EMS

Vevay history

To the Editor:

In response to your question in the 80 years ago section of the Reveille’s July 12th issue, we did indeed have a Kroger store in Vevay, as well as an A&P store. The Kroger store was just south of the Danner Hardware Store on Ferry Street. The grocery building later became part of Danner’s Hardware. Grant Johnson was the manager of the Kroger Store. He and his wife and daughter Maureen lived on Seminary Street in a house between Greeley Avenue and Walnut Street. All are now deceased.

Across the street from the Kroger Store was the A&P Store on the southeast corner of Ferry and Pike streets. As you went south on Ferry, there was a vacant lot and at the end on the alley was a brick house that was my Rook grandparents’ home. The house was red brick when they lived there. My grandparents died in 1930, both on the same day. The A&P Store was managed by Stacy Cole. Stacy and his wife Alice lived at the northeast corner of Greeley Avenue and Seminary Street. They had a son Rupert. All of these people are deceased.

Our grocery stores were good but Kroger and A&P had large windows and were decorated in an attractive style, which was unusual for a small town store.

My father, who was James F. Rook – called “Biddie” – moved his barber shop into my grandparents’ house after their death and was located there until sometime in the late 30s when he moved to the Swiss Inn. He remained there until the fire in the Swiss Inn. I do not recall the date of the fire, but it would have been in the 1940s (1942?). He did not reopen his shop and for the first time since the early 1900s, worked at a different job. His death was in March, 1945, and in the years from the fire and 1945 he worked at the Proving Ground in Madison.

This is more information than you asked for, but the request was also made earlier and I failed to respond. I am not sure how many people are left in Vevay as old as I have become at the present so I thought you might be interested.

I hope that you will find this information helpful.

Bettie Jo Rook Gullion

Carrollton, Georgia