Letters to the Editor 7-14-16


Ignorance abounds

To the Editor:

As David Hewitt so aptly points out in his most recent ‘Along the Trail’ column, ignorance abounds everywhere you go.

The three Un-ladies who confronted him over his bumper sticker exemplifying the generation who would “Bring Change to America”.

First, they are ignorant. Second, they lack civility. Third, they are intolerant of viewpoints not their own.

I’m sure David’s bumper sticker is not the only one they draws ire from their ilk.

Kip Meyerhoff,


EMS building sale

To the Editor:

After reading a recent article in The Switzerland Democrat about the possible re-acquisition of the county property known as the EMS Building on East Main Street; I am still left somewhat curious as to Who gets the $187,000?

What names are on the articles of incorporation of county EMS?

If I am being had, as a taxpayer, I feel that it is my god-given right to know just “who” is having me.

I guess you can look at it as a form of ‘severance pay’ for the lucky few that comprise the county EMS hierarchy.

Through the years there have been countless times where county government gave EMS large sums of money to buy equipment, etc.

County government should fund county services and buying ambulances and such for county EMS should be included, but when that same EMS elects to sell back to the county property the county has already paid for, something is ‘Rotten in Denmark’.

I’m just a simple old farm boy and I’m sure I don’t know all the legalese incumbent on forming and running a corporation, therefore I have to rely on the time proven ‘smell test’.

The proposed settlement doesn’t pass that test.

Follow the money, Monica.

Steve Bladen,

Tapps Ridge