Letters to the Editor


Pet stealing

To the Editor:

It is my opinion that people who steal pets are the lowest possible form of parasite on the face of the earth.

When you took my dogs, you might as well have cut out my heart. I can’t eat or sleep. If I look out the window my eyes search for them. “Princess” was a Mother’s Day gift nine years ago. How will I get through that day?

Are they dead? Are they alive? Why would you do it? Did you make a few bucks?

Twila Allen

Scotts Ridge

Say yes to 4-H

To the Editor:

1. To experience Independence.

Through 4-H leadership opportunities, youth mature in self-discipline and responsibility. They learn to better understand themselves and become independent thinkers. 4-H club projects allow members to make choices of topics that are valuable to them. Young people are not just the leaders of tomorrow – they have great untapped potential for responsible leadership today.

2. To experience Belonging.

Youth need to know they are cared about by others and feel a sense of connection to others in the group. This “fellowship” has always been an important part of a 4-H experience. 4-H gives youth the opportunity to feel physically and emotionally safe while actively participating in a group. A sense of belonging may be the single most powerful positive ingredient we can add into the lives of children and youth.

3. To experience Generosity.

Youth need to feel their lives have meaning and purpose. By participating in 4-H community service and citizenship activities, youth can connect to communities and learn to give back to others. Community service projects allow 4-H club members to see that their effort to help others is important and valuable. Youth learn that they live in a world, which requires awareness and compassion for others.

4. To experience Mastery.

In order to develop self-confidence youth need to feel and believe they are capable. By exploring 4-H projects and activities, youth master skills to make positive career and life choices. Youth need to have a safe environment for making mistakes and getting feedback, not just through competition but as an ongoing element of participation.

The Switzerland County 4-H Programs welcomes all youth Grades 3-12 to enroll in the 4-H program or Grades 1-2 in Mini-4-H. Enrollment is now through April 1st. Enrollment forms are available at the Switzerland County Extension office, 803 East Main Street in Vevay. Phone 427-3152.

Nathan Crane/Ginger Furnish

Purdue Extension Service

Switzerland County