Letters to the Editor 6-30-16


More jobs?

To the Editor:

President Obama says we had a lot of new jobs during the month of May. Beating his chest, like this is a great thing under his watch.

Google search and you’ll find-temporary jobs created at amusement parks, landscaping, hotels and motels.

A lot of hotel workers come here on temporary work visa. I don’t think I would go on TV, radio or in newspapers and brag about this. By the way, I got laid off with about 400 others.

Indiana power plant outage in May. Do your research and you’ll find one party wants everyone to think everything is looking good.

The town I stayed in recently lost a Snap On Tool plant with 400 plus employees. They moved to Mexico. Obama didn’t mention that.

Ron Shaffer,


Don’t forget

$40,000 this year and growing on school board health insurance.

That’s right, from January to June 2016, Roberts, Peters (has now resigned), Daugherty and Cord have continued to spend money on their personal health insurance plans.

The total spent this year will be approximately $80,000 (Approx $6,700 monthly). No one has apologized, no one wished to discuss several options to get out of the plan which were presented to them in March 2016. No further discussion has been scheduled.

The last time it was on the agenda for an update people in the community showed up only to find out the update was removed from the agenda. We all know they are just riding out the $1 insurance and inflated pay until the end of their term. Well, two of them are up for re-election this year.

You, the voter have the power to not vote for them in the upcoming election.

Roberts and Daugherty will be at it again looking for your vote. Please use your power as a registered voter to get them out of office and out of a position where they can continue to abuse their authority and ignore this community.

You can read all the facts and watch the news stories on Facebook located at “SCagainstSCSBhealthinsurance”. Volunteers in the community are getting organized to make signs, banners, flyers etc. to pass around in order to further educate and remind the community before election time.

Remember, Roberts and Daugherty promised in a public “Meet the Candidates” meeting in October 2008 to correct the inflated pay and stop the health insurance for a dollar. We are still waiting to hear from them on when this promise will be acted upon.

Roberts/Daugherty: any idea on when you are going to get around to that promise?

Daugherty is a Master School Board Member now, surely he has enough training to give the community an answer/update and handle the issue!

Folks don’t fall for their broken promises again during election time! Use your power as a voter to privately cast your ballot and get them out of office once and for all. If you would like to assist in passing out information please contact us directly at Chris_Oatman@yahoo.com.


Chris and Michelle Oatman,